Here’s Every Single RTX 40-Series GPU from AIBs Announced So Far

Yesterday, NVIDIA announced their RTX 4000Ada Lovelace” GPUs and took the market by surprise. The RTX 4090 is claimed to be up to 4x faster than the RTX 3090 Ti. You can read more about that here. Moments after the announcement, various AIB partners took the stage and announced their designs for the RTX 4000 series. Lets have a look at them, shall we.


Starting off, we have ASUS with their ROG STRIX RTX 4090. The slogan here is “ASCEND TO NEW HEIGHTS”. The GPU features a rather ‘gamery look’ as compared to last-Gen’s RTX 3090. The triple fan configuration ensures that the GPU receives optimum airflow. A few people have criticized ASUS for this half-gamer and half-simplistic approach. But, it indeed is something fresh and new to see. 


In addition to that, ASUS has also announced the TUF GAMING series for its RTX 4090 GPUs. Yet again, we see a massive 4-slot design along with a slight hint of RGB.

TUF Gaming GeForce RTX 4090 | ASUS


MSI has announced the SUPRIM LIQUID, SUPRIM, GAMING TRIO & the VENTUS editions for its RTX 4090 GPUs. The design is almost similar to last-Gen except for the new SUPRIM LIQUID design. Arriving with Ada Lovelace, MSI’s new SUPRIM LIQUID design exclusive to the RTX 4090 uses a closed-loop liquid cooling system for better thermals. 

MSI RTX 4000 Lineup | MSI


GIGABYTE has announced its AORUS MASTER, GAMING OC & WINDFORCE lineup for the RTX 4090. The 4080 12/16GB will follow in November.


GIGABYTE has switched up the box packaging a bit by using NVIDIA’s new font for the GPU’s name. The result looks kind of weird at the start, but eventually we’ll get used to it.

RTX 4090 Windforce Packaging | GIGABYTE


ZOTAC has introduced the TRINITY OC, AMP EXTREME AIRO & the TRINITY variants for the RTX 4000 series. All the GPUs in this lineup feature round edges. This is completely different as compared to ZOTAC’s attempt at the RTX 3090. The GPU is also a massive 4-slots thick. Gamers have criticized ZOTAC’s attempt at the RTX 4090 citing a ‘soap-like’ design.



PALIT, a company popular in the Asian market has also revealed its design for the RTX 4090. We are greeted by the GameRock and the GamingPro Series.


To top it off, PALIT also showcased the GameRock variant for the RTX 4000 lineup titled ‘The Midnight Kaleidoscope‘. The embedded crystal design makes the entire GPU look extremely elegant along with a slight pinch of blue lighting. 

The Midnight Kaleidoscope | PALIT


Inno3D has unveiled the ICHILL FROSTBITE , ICHILL BLACK , ICHILL X3 , INNO3D X3 and the X3OC designs for the RTX 4090. The designs don’t really differ that much from one another except for the coloring theme. 

Inno3D RTX 4000 Design | Inno3D

Next up, we have Gainward with their Phantom & Phoenix lineup each featuring a slightly different color. As per Gainward, the Phoenix lineup suits users who prefer a much more lively gaming style over a pure black and simplistic look.

Inno3D RTX 4000 Design | Gainward

Last, but not the least we have GALAX’s signature SG lineup featuring a 4-fan configuration. For added thermal efficiency and better cooling results, GALAX adds an additional fan at the back. The 3 fans at the front take in cool air whereas the single-fan at the back dissipates the hot air.


While we are talking about GALAX, let us give you a slight overview of their attempt at a ‘Waifu GPU’. This lineup is branded as ‘BOOMSTAR‘ and is not the first Waifu GPU as YESTON, a Chinese brand has been in this game for quite a while. 

GALAX Waifu RTX 4000 GPU | GALAX via Videocardz


All things considered, some AIB partners have completely redesigned their RTX 4090 GPUs this time and to be quite honest, they look beautiful. We expect to see more from them as NVIDIA announces its RTX 4080 lineup in November. 


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