NVIDIA RTX 3090 Super Spotted, -Ti Was A Last Minute Marketing Change

While we are waiting for NVIDIA’s RTX 4000 series, some people allegedly got their hands on the ‘SUPER’ variants from Ampere. Ampere was refreshed as -Ti and never as ‘SUPER‘, however, leaks show that the -Ti branding was a last minute addition.

RTX 3090 Super

Over at nga.178, some user posted a picture of what appears to be an RTX 3090 Ti, however the cooler says otherwise. This is apparently an RTX 3090 SUPER, which was never released by NVIDIA. As per the user, the GPU features a triple-slot FE configuration akin to all 3090 models from Ampere

NVIDIA RTX 3090 Super | nga.178

The RTX 3090 SUPER is essentially the RTX 3090 Ti, just with different branding. The ‘leaked’ GPU-Z screenshot shows that this GPU is an RTX 3090 Ti. Maybe, ‘SUPER’ to ‘Ti’ was a last minute adjustment. This may be an early ES (Engineering Sample) released to the Chinese black market. 

RTX 3090 TI/SUPER BIOS | nga.178

A Last Minute Change

More than 1 month ago, NVIDIA and AMD registered a few upcoming/unreleased GPUs at ECC (Eurasian Economic Commission). You can read more about this here. 

ECC’s Registration List | harukaze5719

The list mentions the following SUPER GPUs:

This proves that team green was indeed planning for a ‘SUPER’ Ampere series similar to Turing (GTX 1600), however, due to the then ongoing supply shortages we might have missed out on these GPUs. In the end, we were greeted by the RTX 3090 ‘Tie‘.

A slight change in NVIDIA’s plans might not have affected the consumers. However, the GTX 1660 Ti and GTX 1660 Super, despite sounding the same, have notable differences. The 1660 Ti features more Cuda cores targeted for content creators on a budget, whereas the GTX 1660 Super was aimed at the gaming community. We might have seen slight differences between these Ampere GPUs as well, although, this is something we may never know.


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