Prices For NVIDIA RTX 3090 Ti & RTX 3080 Ti Drop By Up To 40% In Europe

With NVIDIA still unable to sell RTX 3000 GPUs citing large amounts of unsold Ampere stock, price drops are imminent. GPU prices are now being reduced across Europe in an attempt to sell more remaining stock before Lovelace eventually launches. 

A Difficult Choice

Customers are now forced to make a gamble. They can either go with a ‘relatively’ cheap Ampere GPU or they can count on Lovelace to be worth the wait. In either case, NVIDIA makes bank.

The ‘leaked’ specifications for the RTX 4070/4080 feature a lot of discrepancies, possibly by NVIDIA to trick the leakers into thinking that Lovelace isn’t a massive generational leap. This forces customers to purchase the current stock, helping out team green.

Jensen Huang himself stated that the issue is not the pricing across US and China, but globally. If NVIDIA reduces prices in US, the same prices may not carry over to other countries due to scalpers, taxes, duties and even artificial shortages.

RTX 3000 Pricing | NVIDIA Germany

A Not So Great Price Reduction

While we may see higher end flagship GPUs like the 3080 and the 3090 selling for slightly below MSRP. The same effect has not been seen across the lower-mid end GPUs. We’re looking at you, RTX 3050. Worst case scenario ,expect to pay 510% more if you’re looking to buy a 3070 or even a 3080

The RTX 3090 Ti has seen a massive price drop from €2249 to €1329 Euros. That’s a decrement of nearly €1000. Although, to be fair, NVIDIA did price this extremely high to begin with. 

All in all, team green will be forced to reduce prices even more as Lovelace draws near. If you’re looking to buy a GPU, we can finally say that it’s actually a good time to purchase one. Although if you wait, you may get your hands on a next-Gen GPU. The choice is yours!

SKUMSRP at launchJanuary 2022September 2022Change vs MSRP
GeForce RTX 3090 Ti2,249 EUR1,329 EUR-920 EUR
GeForce RTX 30901,549 EUR1,649 EUR1,199 EUR-350 EUR
GeForce RTX 3080 Ti1,199 EUR1,269 EUR1,089 EUR-110 EUR
GeForce RTX 3080719 EUR759 EUR759 EUR+40 EUR
GeForce RTX 3070 Ti619 EUR649 EUR649 EUR+30 EUR
GeForce RTX 3070519 EUR549 EUR549 EUR+30 EUR
GeForce RTX 3060 Ti419 EUR439 EUR439 EUR+20 EUR

(Data by Videocardz)


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