RTX 2080Ti Outperforms GTX 1080Ti by 32% in Leaked Final Fantasy XV Benchmarks

With the NDA regulating the information about the Nvidia RTX 20 cards almost about to expire, there has been plenty of benchmarks that are surfacing up on the Internet. Recently the benchmarks for the Nvidia RTX 20 cards appeared in the official database of Final Fantasy XV which is a graphically demanding game.

The leaks ranged at the span of 2 resolutions, being 1440p (2560 x 1440) and 4k (3840 x 2160) both at high quality.

The RTX 2080ti and the RTX 2080 are really too powerful for 1080p gaming as they just eat the resolution away without any issues just like the previous generation cards. Although they might make sense in monitors with a very high refresh rate

Both the RTX cards do outperform the previous generation, but what is interesting to see here is the margin. The 1080ti lags behind the 2080ti by 32% and by the 2080 by a mere 4% by these scores, the 2080 outperforms it’s own predecessor by 36% that is the 1080.

Another interesting observation to is that the RTX 2080ti also performs better than the TITAN V in this case, but that can be attributed to TITAN V not being a card meant for gaming, thus driver support can play a big factor, otherwise, this could even be the architectural improvements from Volta to Turing.

2K benchmark
4K benchmarks
Source – Ixbt.com
2K benchmark
2K benchmark scores
Source – ixbt.com

The improvement from the previous generation is there, as it obviously should be, but the price hike from the previous generation entering this generation is by almost 50% from the price points the 10 series cards launched at, and that way you are paying a big premium for the Ray Tracing cores, for a 30% average gain in performance.

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