RTX 2080 Super Benchmark Leak Puts The Card Above The Titan Xp, Should You Buy One?

Nvidia’s RTX cards were the first consumer GPUs to actually be able to run Ray-Traced environments in games in real-time. When it launched some people were disappointed by the price to performance ratios, which wasn’t at par with what people have come to expect with each year’s new release. But things are somewhat better now as prices have normalized and Ray-Tracing support is on the uptrend with AAA titles.

RTX 2080 is a very important card in the RTX hierarchy, directly replacing previous year’s GTX 1080 Ti. The RTX 2080 remains the sweet spot for high FPS 1440p gaming and Nvidia is going to make it sweeter with the RTX 2080 Super. Nvidia launched the Super series in response to AMD’s Navi debut with two new cards. Both the 5600 and the 5600xt compete in the mid-range section so they don’t really challenge the RTX 2080 in any way, but regardless Nvidia is going ahead with the RTX 2080 Super.

The card hasn’t launched yet, so we don’t know where it fits performance-wise but a new benchmark leak can give us some pointers (via-Wccftech).

This leak comes from well a well-known source, @TUM_APISAK on twitter. The FFXV benchmark on the High-quality preset in 1440p places the RTX 2080 Super between the Titan V and the Titan Xp. The RTX 2070 Super places itself in RTX 2080’s backyard but here the 2080 Super barely posts a 10% increase which is well off from the RTX 2080 Ti.

Who Is This Card For?

Well, that is the tough question. Anyone still using a GTX 1080 Ti will be more than happy with its performance, its still one of the best cards around. But if someone wants to get on the RTX bandwagon, the RTX 2080 Super can make sense, because the 10% difference can add up. Also, people who have been eyeing the RTX 2080 should rather get the RTX 2080 Super unless the base 2080 gets a decent price-cut.

As you can see from the specs here, this is the Super variant with the smallest hardware bump. You get two extra SMs equating an extra of 16 Tensor cores, 8 texture units, 2 RT cores and 128 CUDA units. According to rumors RTX 2080 Super gets an increased memory bandwidth of 496.1 GB/s because of the faster memory module (15.5Gbps from 14Gbps).

Nvidia states that the RTX 2080 Super will be faster than the Titan Xp, that claim stands in the leaked FFXV benchmark above. But in absolute compute power the RTX 2080 Super (11.1TFLOPS) still lags behind the Titan Xp (12.1TFLOPS). Faster gaming performance can be attributed to the RTX 2080’s newer architecture.

Should You Buy One?

Nvidia will price the RTX 2080 Super at US 699$ which directly replaces the base RTX 2080 at the same price. Also there are very few competitors at this price bracket, so the card remains uniquely positioned.

If you are looking to spend around US 699$ and want the best performance for your money, then by all means, the RTX 2080 Super remains you best choice. Unless you can find a cheap GTX 1080 Ti on eBay, however, you will have to sacrifice on Ray-Tracing and some frames.

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