RTX 2080, RTX 2080 Ti Has Already Given Nvidia a Significant Financial Boost

Investors Raise Their Stock By 173%

Carret Asset Management LLC has raised its stock in Nvidia by 173.6% during the second quarter of the current financial year.  The company that manages a number of high-profile clients previously owned  1,210 shares of the hardware giant; the number has now gone up to 3,310 after buying 2,100 additional shares of the hardware giant, according to the most recent SEC filing.

Carret Asset Management LLC is among a number of other companies that raised its stock in Nvidia during the second quarter. While there are a number of factors involved, the prime reason remains the coming launch of Nvidia’s RTX 2080, RTX 2080 Ti, and the entire 2000 line of GPUs. Adirondack Trust Co raised its stack in Nvidia after buying $100,000 worth of additional stock.

Meanwhile, Legacy Financial Advisors Inc. raised the stock by 111.0% in the second quarter of the current financial year.

Nvidia showcased its RTX line of GPUs at Gamescom 2018, Cologne, Germany. While the graphics card line was already in the limelight since earlier this year, solid details were received at the biggest gaming event in Germany.

All eyes were on Nvidia during the event including of those looking to invest further in the hardware maker. However, it wouldn’t be surprising to see investment slowing down in the next quarter. The launch of RTX 2080, RTX 2080 Ti, and other GPUs that are yet to be shown is the biggest event in the company’s history. Ray-tracing is 10-year is development and it is a feature that would change the face of graphics engineering. Unfortunately, gamers don’t see it that way and Nvidia made the bad call of discussing Ray-Tracing for 90% of its press conference at Gamescom 2018.

The lack of games, frame rate performance, and other details sparked a backlash. Many media influencers have even gone as far as asking buyers not to pre-order until reviews and proper gaming performance benchmarks are shared.  While gaming performance data is starting to come through, it leaves some scepticism behind.

All this mixed with the fact that community is showing little interest in Ray-Tracing, and not everyone is looking to switch since 1000 series is going strong, means investment might slow down in the next quarter. This is certainly a developing story so we will have more for you in the near future. Do let us know if you think Ray-Tracing is worth switching from 1000 to 2000 series of cards.

Sikandar Mahmood
An avid fan of stealth-shooter genre. He prefers tactical-based shooters over mainstream titles and regards PS4 and PC as his choice of gaming platforms.

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RTX 2080, RTX 2080 Ti Has Already Given Nvidia a Significant Financial Boost

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