RTX 2070 Max-Q Beats The GTX 1080 By A 5% Lead in Leaked FFXV Benchmark

Recently we reported on Nvidia’s upcoming mobile GPU lineup which was going to be announced on CES next year. From previous reports, we know that the RTX 2070, the 2070 Max-Q along with 2060, 2050 Ti and 2050 will be coming to laptops. The GTX 1070 was quite a popular choice for gaming laptops. It enjoyed a very comfortable position where laptops with the chip were quite powerful but still had a slim form factor. This puts the mobile RTX 2070 in a very favorable position where it can significantly outperform laptops with GTX 1070s being in similar form factors.

Leaked RTX 2070 Benchmark with Max-Q Design

Max-Q variant chips are slightly modified. Often having lower clock speeds than normal variants and being tweaked for maximum efficiency and minimum power draw. So they aren’t as powerful as the full chips but they manage to come pretty close. TUM_Apisak, a famous leaker in the PC hardware community presented benchmark numbers for the RTX 2070 Max-Q (FFXV’ benchmark).

Here the apparent RTX 2070 Max-Q scored a staggering 3080 points.  This puts it significantly above heavy hitting cards like the GTX 1080 and the RX VEGA (64). It even enjoys a 10 percent lead over the out-going GTX 1070.

Skeptical Numbers

The presented numbers seem misleading. Firstly the RTX 2070 barely manages to beat the GTX 1080 in most benchmarks. Secondly, its the RTX 2070 Max-Q Variant which should be slower than the normal RTX 2070, so its lead over cards like the RX Vega and GTX 1080 seems unreal.

But then it is the FFXV benchmark tool which isn’t very reliable. Even GamersNexus in an article stated “Although we don’t believe this to be intentional, the Final Fantasy XV benchmark is among the most misleading we’ve encountered in recent history. This is likely a result of restrictive development timelines and a resistance to delaying product launch and, ultimately, that developers see this as “just” a benchmark.”.

So even if it is indeed the RTX 2070 Max-Q, the numbers shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

What Can Be Expected On Launch?

Estimated performance should be around the GTX 1070 Ti levels, so even RTX performance can take a hit. Thermals should be similar if not better than last year’s GTX 1070 Max-Q, thanks in part to the more efficient 12nm manufacturing process. Expect more information from Nvidia on CES next year.

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