RTX 2060: Ray Tracing For $350, Worth It?

Ever since the launch of the RTX 2070, 2080, and 2080ti, many users have been waiting to see if Nvidia will take a step back and sell cards in a competitive price bracket like they did with the GTX 10 series. With the recent leaks of the GTX 1160 and the official launch of the RTX 2060, it seems that RTX won’t be winning any consumer choice awards at $350, the RTX 2060 serves as the opening card into the world of RTX. With the same amount CUDA cores as the GTX 1070, 6GB of VRAM, and a Baseclock of 1365Mhz( 141Mhz less than the GTX 1070), on the surface it makes for an interesting spectacle.

The Performance

In terms of performance, it manages to beat out the GTX 1070 in various titles.However, when you move onto the real reason you bought an RTX card, things start to take an interesting turn. The reason the RTX 2060 is $100 more than it’s predecessor is because that RTX badge.

However, when Ray Tracing is enabled, fps tanks a lot (in respect to various performance reviews with Battlefield 5). Though some titles will still hold the frames at around 60FPS, it does come at the cost of smoothness especially for people with higher refresh rate monitors.

To RTX or Not To RTX?

In terms of where it stands price-wise, there really isn’t much to compel one to buy the RTX 2060. Starting from the pros, the RTX 2060 is great for 1080p and even 1440p gaming. Furthermore, The performance matches that of a 1070ti which makes it a better bang for the buck offering.

However, The argument for buying one for the sake of RTX is thrown out of the window because of the massive performance impacts of the feature. Adding to this, knowing that there might be a GTX 1160 in the pipeline means that consumers are waiting for a card that doesn’t require an extra premium for a feature of the future. To pay $100 over the previous generation for a feature that is barely even available yet just doesn’t seem like the way to go.

The Verdict

Though the price to performance of the RTX 2060 is enticing, we really wanted a non RTX 2060 to launch alongside, for people on a budget who don’t really care for RTX.

Shahzeb Nasir
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RTX 2060: Ray Tracing For $350, Worth It?

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