RTX 2060 Performance And Pricing Revealed, Offers GTX 1070 Ti Level Performance For 350$

When we talked about initial RTX 2060 leaks, we mentioned that the card might fall short of RTX level performance as it was a very hardware taxing feature. But finally, VideoCardz has leaked initial pricing and performance indicators. The numbers are surely impressive and it addresses concerns performance wise.


Right now Battlefield 5 is the only game with RTX functionality so the test variation is limited. But its a well-optimized game so it should be a good indicator of performance.

  • Battlefield V: RT Off: 90 FPS
  • Battlefield V: RT On + DLSS Off: 65 FPS
  • Battlefield V: RT On + DLSS On: 88 FPS

We don’t know the test rig used for the benchmark, so a direct comparison is hard. But 1080p results from other cards can be taken into consideration given there isn’t any CPU bottleneck.

With our in-house rig with a GTX 1080 and a Ryzen 2700x, we get around 110-120 fps on ultra in BF5. So, not quite GTX 1080 level, but pretty close.  VideoCardz mentions that through reviewers guide, NVIDIA claimed that the RTX 2060 will offer comparable performance to GeForce GTX 1070 Ti.

PCGamer compared the GTX 1070 Ti and the GTX 1080 and found out that the performance difference was only 5 percent on average across 14 titles. If Nvidia’s claims hold, then the RTX 2060 is going to have terrific value, so much so that it might put the RTX 2070 in a tough spot. Given the performance difference between the GTX 1080 and the RTX 2070 was only 6 percent, as tested by PCGamer.


VideoCardz lists the pricing at 350$, which is what we guessed initially. Its closest competitor from the red team is going to be the RX 590, priced at 280$. But given Nvidia’s claim of GTX 1070 Ti level performance for the RTX 2060, it won’t really come close. AMD can drop pricing for the Vega 56 to match the RTX 2060, so that can be a viable competitor.

The card is slated to release on January 7th, 2019.

Indranil Chowdhury
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RTX 2060 Performance And Pricing Revealed, Offers GTX 1070 Ti Level Performance For 350$

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