RSA’s Report Shows Phishing Attacks make up 50% of all Cyber crime in this quarter, Caution Advised

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are bringing about several special offers for the people all over the world. Unfortunately, with different offers and sales, various phishing attacks are also increasing simultaneously and causing worry for the web users.

According to a quarterly report released by RSA (security provider), cybercrime and particularly phishing attacks have significantly increased from July 2018 to September 2018. This was determined by the RSA Fraud and Risk Intelligence team who gathers data for this report every three to four months. The analysis provides a quick snapshot of the cyber-fraud environment and also provides its take on the necessary action that could be taken up by different companies in order to achieve an efficient management for digital risks. According to the quarterly report released for this year’s third quarter, the following findings have been discussed regarding global fraud trends and cybercrime for the three months:

  • Phishing attacks were the most frequently reported of all RSA (nearly 50%) frauds which happened in this year’s third quarter. In comparison to the second quarter, it represents a 70% increase. This great increase is mainly due to the upcoming Black Friday and also Cyber Monday because the scammers are trying to steal as much personal data as possible so that they can purchase and take advantage of the amazing sales.
  • Almost half of the reported phishing attacks are hosted in the United States. Germany comes at the sixth place. Canada is the most attacked country whereas 52% of all the phishing attacks are targeting the North American state.
  • Voice phishing, also known as ‘Vishing’ are the automated language systems through which fraudsters try to tap personal information through phone. Vishing at present accounts merely for 1% of all phishing attacks and SEO poisoning is also becoming very dangerous. Fraudsters in this way are able to utilize the targeted distribution of false telephone numbers and information on reputed websites for calling their victims and voluntary disclosing of their data.
  • Attacks through fraudulent apps and mobile browsers are rapidly increasing.
  • More than 9000 fraudulent apps were identified by RSA.
  • Around 5.5 million credit cards are compromised. These victims were informed by RSA.

The entire report in English can be accessed through the link provided in this BornCity blog, if anyone is interested in further details. Up till then, it is advised to remain vigilant during these sales, even if they seem very attractive.

Maira Ahmed
Maira is an ardent follower of the technological world. She loves reading and writing about tech-related stuff. Her love for technology translates into passionate writing about different topics which elucidate the importance that technology and computers hold in our lives.

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RSA’s Report Shows Phishing Attacks make up 50% of all Cyber crime in this quarter, Caution Advised

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