How to Root the ZTE Spro 2

The ZTE Spro 2 is an Android-based portable projector that has WiFi and LTE connectivity – basically, it is Android built into a screen projector, so you can stream Netflix through the projector’s data connection while casting the picture onto a nearby wall.

Because it’s an Android-based device, we can actually root the ZTE Spro 2. Now, why would you want to root a screen projector? The answer is quite simple – an unrooted ZTE Spro 2 will display its picture at 200 lumens brightness while plugged into a charger but reduces itself to 100 lumens while on battery life. In a nutshell, the ZTE Spro 2 forces you to watch a darker picture quality if you aren’t charging it.

ZTE Spro 2

By rooting the ZTE Spro 2, you can bypass this limitation and adjust the projector’s brightness no matter if you’re charging or not. Some users have also gotten Xposed working on their rooted ZTE Spro 2, but that is beyond the scope of this guide – it is entirely possible though.

For this operation, we’ll be initially rooting with KingoRoot, which grants us a temporary root (it resets on reboot), so then we will replace KingoRoot with SuperSU to achieve a permanent root.


How to Root the ZTE Spro 2

  1. Download the KingoRoot APK file from above and transfer it to the projector’s SD card (don’t worry, KingoRoot haters, we’re going to replace it with SuperSU later)
  2. First, enable Developer Options through Settings > About > tap Software Version about 7 times, until Developer Mode is activated.
  3. Now go into Settings > Developer Options > enable USB Debugging.
  4. Connect your ZTE Spro 2 to your PC via USB cable, and accept the ADB pairing dialogue on the Android screen.
  5. Launch an ADB command window by holding Shift + Right-click inside your main ADB install folder and choose “Open a Command Window Here.
  6. Now in the ADB terminal, type the following command:
    reboot disemmcwp
  7.  Now install the KingoRoot APK file you transferred earlier, and allow it to root your ZTE Spro 2.
  8. If for some reason the KingoRoot process gets stuck around 90%, wait a bit longer, and then redo the ‘reboot disemmcwp’ command in ADB – after reboot, the device should be rooted, check with a root status app if the KingoRoot process succeeded.

Replacing KingoRoot with SuperSU

  1. Install the CPU-Z app from Google Play, and use it to check your Kernel Architecture (AFAIK, the Snapdragon 800 processor in the ZTE Spro 2 is ArmV7 architecture, but who knows with so many international variants of devices floating around, it’s always safest to just check).
  2. Once you’ve confirmed your Kernel Architecture, download the SuperSU .zip here and save it on your PC, extract all the folders, and copy it onto your ZTE Spro 2.
  3. Now download a root file explorer (I recommend X-Plore, because it will automatically change the file permissions when replacing files, or else you’ll have to manually change the permissions for each /system file we are replacing, and if you do it wrong, you’ll probably get a bootloop)
  4. Grant X-Plore root permissions and enable Mount Writable in the app’s settings.
  5. Copy the Superuser.apk file to /system/app, long-press the .apk file, and change its permissions to 644 (-rw-rw-r–) – this will allow us to install SuperSU as a system app.
  6. Now perform the following operations:
  7. Now you can reboot your ZTE Spro 2, and SuperSU should appear in your apps list. Launch it, and agree to update the binary. Reboot your ZTE Spro 2 once more.
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How to Root the ZTE Spro 2

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