How to: Root Huawei Y210

This guide will show you step by step instructions to root the Huawei Y210. This particular guide will be rooting via CWM (ClockworkMod) recovery and it’s one of the simplest root procedures for the Huawei Y210 currently available.

Make sure to follow our guide carefully. Despite the straightforward steps, it is possible to make mistakes. For this reason we’ve made it our mission to make sure this guide is as easy to follow as possible to help you avoid any hiccups.

To root your Huawei Y210, you’ll need the following equipment.

Once you have prepared your hardware and downloaded the necessary software from the list above, you can begin the rooting process listed below.

Huawei Y210 Root Guide

First, you’ll need to turn on USB debugging on your Huawei Y210. This can be done from the device itself. You’ll need to follow the steps listed below to enable USB debugging.

  • Visit the settings app
  • Scroll down and tap ‘about phone’
  • Tap build number repeatedly
  • After 7 taps, a prompt should appear to let you know that developer options are enabled
  • Tap to go back, then tap developer options
  • Tap the checkbox to enable USB debugging

Once USB debugging has been enabled, you’ll need to use your PC. At this point you should have Kingoroot installed, but if you haven’t you can download and install it on your PC from the link provided above.

Next you’ll need to follow the steps below to start the rooting process.

  • Double click to open the Kingoroot program on your PC
  • Connect your Huawei Y210 to your PC via USB cable
  • Safety tip: Use the original USB cable if possible, and disconnect other smartphones from your PC
  • Make sure your Huawei Y210 is switched on
  • Kingoroot will search for and download the necessary drivers for your Huawei Y210
  • You’ll need internet connection for the drivers to install successfully
  • Once the drivers are installed, simply click the available ‘root’ button and the root process will begin
  • Whilst the root process is ongoing, ensure your Y210 remains connected and ensure your PC remains on.
  • Once the root process has finished, your Huawei Y210 will successfully be rooted!

You can close Kingoroot and disconnect your smartphone. A whole world of new possibilities will now be open to you.

To make the most of your new root access you’ll need to download the SuperSU application from the Google Play Store. You can download it here. SuperSU will handle all of the root level permissions that new root-only apps may ask for.

Once SuperSU has downloaded, you can check to see whether root access is working properly by downloading Root Checker. Once downloaded, you can tap the ‘verify root status’ button in Root Checker and it’ll let you know if you’ve been successful. Make sure to accept the SuperSU permissions when asked for it.

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How to: Root Huawei Y210

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