How to Root the Honor View 10

The Honor View 10 is a premium flagship device recently released by Huawei. It has a 20+16MP dual primary camera, 6GB RAM + 128GB internal storage, and its running the latest Android Oreo.

Rooting this device is fairly easy, though you need to go through Huawei’s official bootloader unlock process. Appuals has you covered for all the steps and required files though, so just follow our guide for rooting the Honor View 10 carefully.

Prerequisite Steps

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  1. On your Honor View 10, go into Settings > About Phone > tap on Build Number 7 times until Developer Mode is activated.
  2. Now go into Settings > Developer Options > Enable OEM Unlocking and Device Debugging.
  3. Go to the official Huawei bootloader unlock request page and fill out the necessary information. You’ll need your Honor 10’s IMEI number which can be found either under the battery or by dialing * # * # 1357946 # * # * on your dialer.
  4. You’ll receive an unlock code, so write it down.
  5. Connect your Honor View 10 to your PC via USB cable, and launch an ADB console (Shift + right click inside your main ADB folder and select ‘Open a Command Window Here’)
  6. To make sure the ADB connection is recognized, type ADB devices into the command prompt, it should display your device’s serial number if successful. If your device is not recognized, you may need to troubleshoot your USB connection (did you enable USB Debugging in Dev Options?) or your ADB installation itself.
  7. If the ADB connection is recognized, type into the command prompt: adb reboot bootloader
  8. This will reboot the device into the bootloader mode, so now you need to type into the ADB command prompt: fastboot oem unlock xxxxxxxx [replace xxxx with your unlock code from Huawei)
  9. Your device will proceed to factory reset, and then you will have an unlocked bootloader, and can proceed to the rooting steps.

Rooting the Honor View 10

We have several options here for rooting. You can choose to go with TWRP/Magisk + SuperSU method, or flashing a pre-rooted boot.img. Choose only one of these options and read them carefully to decide which is best for you.

Pre-rooted boot.img

Download: Boot-root-b122.img

This is only compatible with the ALC20C00 (6GB + 128GB China Edition) on stock firmware B132 version of the Honor View 10. Do not use this method if you are using a different model / firmware of the Honor View 10, you will brick your device.

Download the boot.img from above and save it in your main ADB folder on your PC.

  1. Power off your device.
  2. Connect your Honor View 10 to your PC via USB and launch an ADB console.
  3. Hold Power + Volume Down until your Honor View 10 boots into Fastboot Mode.
  4. Type into the ADB console: fastboot flash ramdisk boot-root-b122.img
  5. After it has successfully flashed, reboot the device from the Fastboot Mode. Your device may reboot twice, after which you’ll have root access.

TWRP / Magisk / SuperSU Method

Download: TWRP, Magisk + SuperSU, No-Verity-Opt-Encrypt

  1. Download and extract the TWRP .img file into your main ADB installation folder on your PC.
  2. Rename the TWRP .img to recovery.img
  3. Download and save the Magisk + SuperSU .zip files onto your Honor View 10’s external SD card.
  4. Connect your Honor View 10 to your PC via USB cable and launch an ADB console.
  5. Now type into ADB console: fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
  6. This will flash and install TWRP, after it has successfully flashed type into ADB: fastboot reboot
  7.  (Optional but highly recommended) At this point you should create a backup of all your data. Use TWRP to create a Nandroid backup, and make sure you also backup your NVRAM / IMEI / ESF in the backup options. The Nandroid backup file will be saved on your SD card.
  8. In the TWRP main menu, go to Wipe > Factory Reset. Perform a factory reset, and then go back to the TWRP main menu.
  9. Go to Install > SD Card > choose the SuperSU .zip and swipe to flash it. When it has flashed, you may reboot your device. The first time booting after flashing root may take up to 10 minutes, so just leave your device alone until it boots into Android.
  10. If your device does not reboot or bootloops after flashing SuperSU, go back into TWRP, and flash the No-Verity-Opt-Encrypt the same way you flashed SuperSU, this will disable boot verification and should allow your device to reboot normally.

Happy rooting!

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How to Root the Honor View 10

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