How to Root Galaxy S9 and S9+ Exynos Variant

Samsung Galaxy S9 users have been waiting for a viable root method since the device’s release, and it appears there is now one available for the Exynos 9810 variant only. This includes the Galaxy S9 and S9+ models sold in India, Europe, Australia, etc, with the model numbers SM-G960F/FD/N (S9) or SM-G965F/FD/N (S9+).

This root method will not work for the S9 / S9+ models sold in US, China, and Japan – they have the model numbers SM-G960U/U1/W/8/SC (S9) or SM-G965U/U1/W/0/8/SC (S9+). So if you bought your Samsung Galaxy S9 from a US carrier like T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, do not attempt root using this guide. You will probably brick your device.

In any case, it’s wise to make a backup of all your important user data before proceeding, incase anything goes wrong.


  1. First go into Settings > About Phone > tap ‘Build Number’ 7 times until Developer Mode is activated.
  2. Now go to Settings > Developer Options > enable OEM Unlock. Some users report that there is no OEM Unlock option available on their phone – which means Samsung may have completely removed it from some devices. Hopefully a workaround will be found in the future for those users.
  3. Download Odin, TWRP, and SuperSU from the Requirements section of this guide.
  4. Extract Odin tool to your desktop, and launch the Odin3 v3.13.1.exe (ignore any other executables inside the Odin folder).
  5. Turn off your Galaxy S9 and boot into Download Mode by holding Power + Bixby + Volume Down, until you see a warning screen. Press Volume Up to continue to Download Mode.
  6. Connect your Galaxy S9 to your PC via USB – Odin should immediately recognize your Galaxy S9 by reporting “Added!!” in the bottom left box. If Odin does not recognize your Galaxy S9, you may need to re-install the Galaxy S9 USB drivers, or try a different USB cable or USB port.
  7. Load the TWRP file into Odin by clicking the AP button and choose the TWRP file. For Galaxy S9 it should be twrp-3.2.1-0-starlte.tar.md5, for Galaxy S9+ it will be twrp-3.2.1-0-star2lte.tar.md5
  8. Disable the “Re-Partition” and “Auto Reboot” checkboxes in Odin if they are checked.
  9. Click the START button in Odin, and wait for it to flash TWRP. You’ll know its successfully flashed when you see PASS shown in the log box in Odin.
  10. If the flashing gets stuck, or you get a FAIL message, try to go through the steps again – sometimes for some reason it can take a couple flashes to stick properly.
  11. When TWRP has been successfully flashed and your Galaxy S9 is still in Download Mode, boot into Recovery Mode / TWRP by holding Volume Down + Bixby + Power button, and as soon as the screen shuts off, switch to holding Volume Up + Bixby + Power. You have to be quick!
  12. When your Galaxy S9 boots into TWRP, it will ask if you want to allow System modifications – do not accept, choose ‘Keep Read Only’.
  13. On the TWRP main menu, go to Wipe > Format Data > swipe to format the /data partition. This is important because it will help us avoid errors like ‘Integrity verification failed’ after rooting. Yes, you’re wiping all your data, so I hope you made a backup as I recommended earlier in this guide.
  14. When the /data wipe is done, go back to TWRP main menu, and choose Reboot > Recovery. If a message box comes up asking to restore stock recovery, select Do Not Install. Your phone should reboot back into TWRP.
  15. Once you’re in TWRP again, connect your Galaxy S9 to your PC via USB once more (if you disconnected it earlier, it doesn’t matter if you did or didn’t), and transfer the DM Verity Disabler and the OEM Unlock Fix files to your SD card.
  16. Now remove the USB cable from your Galaxy S9.
  17. On the TWRP main menu, choose Install > SD Card > select the OEM Unlock Fix (, and swipe to install it.
  18. Just press Next/OK through all the warnings, and select ‘Process with ROM Flasher and MultiTool > Next > Patch for OEM Issue > Next > Do not change > Next” – do not choose to reboot your device at the end!
  19. Once that has been successfully flashed, you can now flash the DM Verity Disabler. So go back to TWRP main menu, Install > SD Card >, and swipe to install.
  20. Once that has been flashed, you should now restart your Galaxy S9. Tap the Reboot System button, and make sure your Galaxy S9 can successfully boot into the Android system. If it does, let’s go ahead and proceed to root your Galaxy S9.
  21. Transfer the SuperSU .zip and the Nemesis Kernel files over to your Galaxy S9.
  22. Reboot your Galaxy S9 back into TWRP (shut off your Galaxy S9, and hold Volume Up + Bixby + Power).
  23. From TWRP main menu, go to Install > SD Card> choose the Nemesis Kernel, and swipe to flash it.
  24. After the kernel has flashed, you can go ahead and flash the SuperSU .zip following the same procedure.
  25. Now you can reboot to system. The first time booting your phone after rooting it will take some time – give your Galaxy S9 up to 10 – 15 minutes to completely boot up to the Android system.

Enjoy your rooted Galaxy S9!

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