Ubisoft Planning to Cancel Roller Champions

In an interview on the Xbox Era Podcast, Giant Bomb’s journalist Jeff Grub made claims that unfortunately, Roller Champions is going to go out of commission after the 3rd season. But it’s been nearly 3 months since Roller Champions was officially launched with the 3rd season of competitive gameplay in progress right now. It’s sad to say that Ubisoft is going through with its decision and hoping to cancel Roller Champions.

Roller Champions was officially announced sometime back in 2019 and was officially launched in May 2022. The game was released as a free-to-play title in the hopes of developing a new online e-sports division by Ubisoft Montreal.

To be fair, the game has received three seasons’ worth of content updates ever since its launch in May of 2022. The game, according to the recent financial call made by Ubisoft, is tracking better and making better progress in contrast to their now canceled battle royale, Hyper Scape.

But this hasn’t really translated well practically in terms of popularity for the game. Currently, no more than 100 people watch streamers stream the game on Twitch. It seems that due to a lack of popularity and a lack of community interaction with the game and not much traction on streaming platforms, Ubisoft has decided to axe the game.

Maybe, it’s a good decision, considering the dwindling number of players that are currently active in-game as well as on streaming platforms. Ubisoft is properly trying to save itself financially by terminating an e-sports game that doesn’t seem to have a respectable or loyal core fanbase.

This is not the first time Ubisoft has axed a potential e-sports title due to dwindling numbers. Ubisoft also delved into the Battle Royale side of things with the release of a futuristic free-to-play FPS that was set in an urban environment called Neo-Arcadia.

The game launched in open beta in July 2020. But just a year after its release, Ubisoft stopped delivering major updates for the game.

So, did Ubisoft make the right decision by canceling Roller Champions this early on, or did the game have potential? To be honest, we’ll never know.

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