Rogue-Like FPS Polygod Launches on PC, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One

Krafted Games, an independent game development studio based in the UK, launched their latest title today. Polygod, a rouge-like multiplayer first person shooter with random generation elements, is available now on multiple platforms. The official launch trailer for the game shows a vast world with exciting combat, check it out below:


Featuring what the developers describe as a “brutal” learning curve, Polygod mixes and matches elements of games from many genres, such as Quake and The Binding of Isaac. With a perma-death game mechanic, Polygod aims to be a challenging experience for even the most skilled players. The story of the game follows a one-armed gunslinger called the Faceless One whose goal is to complete the Trial of the Gods. Each of the seven Gods will throw challenges your way, increasing in difficulty as you blast your way through hordes randomly generated enemies. Within each arena, an Altar of Worship exists which grants the player ‘Blessings’ at the cost of ‘Souls’ which are collected throughout your journey. Players will have to weight their options, as each Blessings provides a unique power up for your gun at the cost of other stats.

“It’s been a long road to release and we’re super excited to finally get the game into the hands of our community” says Dominic Obojkovits, co-founder of Krafted Games. “We firmly believe PolyGod offers a unique take on the FPS genre and are confident that our ideas and game direction will strike a chord with the hardcore fans of the genre worldwide.”

Ever since its days in Early Access, Polygod received positive reviews due to its unique and challenging gameplay that differs from other rouge-likes. With similarities to FPS games like Quake 3 and the original Doom, players seeking a challenge, or even those looking for casual multiplayer, found Polygod to be a good choice. Polygod is available now on PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch and the Xbox One.


Farhan Ali
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