Rockstar now Owns Ruffian Games the Studio Behind the Famous Halo Master Chief Collection

Its now called Rockstar Dundee

Rockstar is one of the most influential and loved developers in the gaming industry. The studio is known for its expertise in crafting an open-world experience that looks and feels real. It is a subsidiary of Take-Two interactive, which is itself a big name in the industry.

Unfortunately, Rockstar has not announced a new project for its next-generation of games until now. However, during Sony’s first PS5 future of gaming event, it was announced that GTA V would make its way to the new generation with enhanced visuals and performance. It makes GTA V the only confirmed title to be released for three generations of consoles. Rockstar is known for taking its time while releasing a game, and by the time, I mean years. The studio only had one major release (Red Dead Redemption 2) during the current generation. However, it seems the studio is finally changing its gears.

According to a report from TheGamer, Rockstar has bought Ruffian Games, now called Rockstar Dundee. Ruffian Games is most notably known for its work in Crackdown 2 and the Halo Master Chief Collection. Ruffian had already been working with Rockstar for the past year, and now it is the part of the Rockstars studio collection. Speculators have already started assuming that the acquisition may result in a remastered or reworked release of an old Rockstar game since Ruffian Games specializes in these tasks.

It is also worth noting that Rockstar had secretly added the Rockstar Dundee studio among its collection a month ago. A keen-eyed Twitter user spotted that, but it went under the bus. Lastly, the official rebranding happened only a few days from now.

Mohsin Naeem
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