Rockstar is Rewarding Red Dead Online Collectors With XP Boosts and Discounts

Red Dead Online, the multiplayer game mode of Rockstar’s wild west action adventure game, allows players to take on the role of Collectors. Such players can explore the landscape to discover a variety of unique items and expand their collections. This special mechanic allows players to earn in-game cash, and now developer Rockstar has upped the bonuses.

Any Red Dead Online player who is yet to sign up as a Collector will receive a discount on the Collector’s Bag if they do so this week. This can be done by heading to Madam Nazar who is located close to the “To Become a Collector” mission. Once here, a short cutscene will play and the player will be tasked with tracking down a collectible item.

Here, players will need to fork over 15 gold bars to purchase the Collector’s Bag, but new signups can now grab it for cheaper. Furthermore, Twitch Prime subscribers who have linked their Rockstar Social Club account will receive the bag for free. Additionally, these users will also receive the Polished Copper Moonshine Still Upgrade for free.

In addition to the discount, all Collectors are entitled to a 100% Role XP boost when finding any collectible item. This double XP boost also applies to the Gold Panners Dream Weekly Collection, and when the player turns in a full set of collectibles to Madam Nazar.

Red Dead Online Collectors will also be familiar with some of the tools designed to make the job easier. These items are available to purchase from Madam Nazar’s shop, and are now on sale.

  • Pennington Field Shovel – 30% off
  • Metal Detector – 30% off
  • Refined Binoculars – 30% off
  • Collector’s Maps – 50% off

Lastly, all Read Dead Online players are entitled to a chunk of free Club XP equivalent to 5 Ranks. This bonus XP also counts towards your Outlaw Pass rank progression. Claim this reward by simply logging onto Red Dead Online before March 2nd.

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Rockstar is Rewarding Red Dead Online Collectors With XP Boosts and Discounts

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