Rocket League Will Have Cross-Platform Lobbies Soon

You will be able to play with friends from different consoles

Who would have thought that football and cars would have been a winning formula in games. Yet we have the insanely popular game Rocket League, one of the most played games on Steam.

Developer Psyonix had put out a post recently, they have finally shed some light on the cross-platform development for the game. They have confirmed it, although it will be delayed by a month. They will roll cross-platform out with the introduction of a unified RocketID. Players from the participating consoles which includes the PC, Xbox One and the Switch will be able to squad up together in a lobby and play.

They also gave information on more changes coming with the September update. We will have ranked tabs on every gamemode including Rumble, Dropshot, Hoops and Snow. New social features have also been announced for the update, but details haven’t been given. Progression systems will also undergo big change, which changes what happens when you level up in Rocket League.

Custom designs in Rocket League
Source – Rocket League Wiki

Rocket Pass will also launch one week after the August Update. The pass will give buyers exclusive Customization Items, new Car Bodies, Keys, Premium Player Banners and Premium Titles, with XP boost. There’s also a free pass which will have Rewards that unlock automatically for every player. The premium pass will be priced at USD $9.99.

This is very exciting news for gamers who have friends that play Rocket League on other platforms. Although the PS4 isn’t included, as Sony has a stance against Cross platform play, and developers are not allowed to implement it. You can find the detailed press release here.

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Rocket League Will Have Cross-Platform Lobbies Soon

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