Rocket League Summer Roadmap: Cross platform party, events and the Rocket Pass

Psyonix, the developers of Rocket League, announced their upcoming plans for the game today. The roadmap for summer of 2018 was published today in a blog post. Major content updates will be added such as new in-game events, a tier based content unlock system called the “Rocket Pass” and perhaps the most exciting, cross platform party support.

Rocket Pass

The Rocket Pass system essentially allows players to earn content by progressing through tiers, quite similar to Fortnite’s Battle Pass. Similar to the Battle Pass, non-premium players can also work towards unlocking a few of the wide array of content available to premium players. To access the premium side of things, you will have to pay a flat cost. The Rocket Pass will contain cosmetic items as well as Decryptors and exclusive in-game Titles. Developers will update us with more details as the Rocket Pass continues to get worked on.

Levels and XP Changes

With the new update, the max level cap of 75 will be removed. The level-up curve has been reworked so progressing through the levels will require the same amount of XP every level. XP earned after every match will depend on time played as well as your score. The item drops earned when leveling up will now have a predefined rarity instead of being randomly generated.  A few new mechanics related to XP earning will be added:

  • Match completion bonus
  • Consecutive game bonus
  • Party bonus
  • Leaver penalty
  • Double XP weekends

Cross Platform Parties

An in-game friends list will be implemented. Player ID’s will consist of a combination of a name and a unique code, similar to Blizzard’s Battle net client. This system will allow players to form a squad with players from different platforms and participate in online play.


After the content update, a summer themed event is scheduled for June. The event will launch alongside a licensed premium DLC.

Rocket League will turn three years old in July and Psyonix has planned to launch a nostalgia filled event to celebrate the occasion.

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Rocket League Summer Roadmap: Cross platform party, events and the Rocket Pass

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