After Becoming Free Rocket League Concurrent Players Pass 1 Million

Free to play magic!

After moving toEpic Games Store yesterday, Rocket League has now surpassed its previous record of 500K Players and reached 1 million concurrent players. It only took the game 20 days to beat its previous record, and that too by a 500K margin.

In a Twitter Announcement, Corey Davies, Co-Studio Head of Psyonix Studious posted a picture of concurrent players.

Very Recently, Rocket League Season 1 started. The game was delisted from Steam and moved to Epic Games Store for free. I think part of the reason why so many players are now getting the game, is because Psyonix Studious announced that anybody who plays Rocket League between September 23 and October 23, will get a free $10 Epic Games Store Coupan. In addition to that, players will also get Hot Rocks Trail and Sun Ray Boost Completely free. Subsequently, players who originally purchased the game on Steam will get Legacy Status and tons of unique customization options.

Rocket League Season 1 has started, will end on December 9. During all these months, you can complete dozens of missions, climb the ranks ladder, and ultimately get a significant amount of rewards. Other than this, tournaments are also revamped and have reached completely new heights. You can check more on that here.


Moiz Banoori

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