Roblox’s Iconic “Oof” Death Sound-Effect Has Been Removed from the Game

Even if you haven’t touched Roblox once in your life (like me) there is absolutely no way you haven’t come across the “oof” sound effect across the internet. The now-legendary sound that is heard when the player dies (or resets their character) in Roblox has become a staple of the web, invading meme culture like nothing else.

It’s one of founding fathers of the ultra-modern nature of memes that rely mostly on randomness to convey humor. The sound has become so popular that infamous rapper, Post Malone actually based a whole 2-hour Coachella set around it.

Unfortunately, good things always come to an end. Today, Roblox—to the dismay of many—took to Twitter to announce the retirement of the sound effect. Due to licensing conflicts with the original creator of the sound, Roblox was forced to remove the sound and replace with a new one.

For context, back in 2020, videogame composer Tommy Tallarico accused Roblox of using one of his sound effects in their game without his permission. The oof sound effect was actually from Tallarico’s game “Messiah” and Roblox was essentially cashing off of it against the creator’s knowledge.

After this came to surface, Tallarico and Roblox came to an agreement allowing the latter to keep the sound in the game. The only condition was that any new Roblox game/experience that was created had to pay $1 for the sound to use it in their creation. Seems pretty fair.

However, it seems like that deal has now expired as the sound was officially removed from the game today. A new default death sound has been put in its place, along with alternate options which will be available in the Avatar Shop later on.

As you’d expect, this announcement sent shockwaves down the community with many voicing their concerns for such a decision. Not all reactions were negative, some actually praised Roblox’s transparency here and applauded the fact that the game does give you the option to select your own death sound now.

The fact that the new sound had to succeed an absolute internet legend was hard enough of a legacy to follow up, it just sucks that Roblox’s updated death sound effect is not only infinitely worse, but, just pure bad. Take a listen:

This “controversy” surrounding Roblox comes just a few weeks after another questionable incident took place inside the game. Kim Kardashian‘s sex-tape was found by one of her kids inside Roblox, thankfully the mother was able to catch and shut it down before it could play out. Not only that, last year a YouTuber posted death threats on Roblox, which prompted the game to take action against the user.

With Roblox riddled with hackers and a new predicament every other month, and now this, it may seem like the game is on the verge of death. It’s actually far from it. In fact, in April of 2022, the game reached its all-time peak player count of 202-million players. Roblox has clearly stood the test of time, so it only stands to reason that the removal of one of the game’s most iconic elements shall pass, too.


Huzaifa Haroon

Born and raised around computers, Huzaifa is an avid gamer and a keyboard enthusiast. When he's not solving the mysteries of technology, you can find him scrutinizing writers, striving to inform the curious.
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