Raptor Lake 8 Core CPU Tested, Crushes AMD’s R5 7600X

A while back, over at userbenchmark unknown tests came from a CPU tagged as ‘7600X‘. Although this most likely was the R5 7600X from Zen4, the benchmarks looked doped in favor of AMD. Single core performance took over the i9-12900K by over 20%. This was one of the most controversial leaks ever causing a lot of dispute among the community.

Recently, APISAK on Twitter shared another benchmark for an Intel CPU. At first, it may look like an i5 from Raptor Lake featuring 8 cores, but on further investigation this is the i9-13900 (Non-K). I believe that most of the cores / threads have been disabled.

Alleged i9-13900 at userbenchmark | userbenchmark

Before we get to the performance, lets first confirm the CPU model. If we compare it against the i9-12900K, the description for the leaked CPU states ‘i9 13900 24 core eng sample‘. This happens to be posted by Viper207, the same user who leaked the previous AMD R5 7600X

Confirmation of the i9-13900 | userbenchmark

Performance Metrics

Now it would be a bit dumb to compare the i9-13900 against the R5 7600X, but do bear in mind that the Raptor Lake SKU is at a 66% disadvantage (8 cores enabled as compared to the total 24 cores). APISAK compiled both benchmarks together to give us a relative comparison.

The 8 core handicapped 13900 is 17% faster than the R5 7600X in overall testing. Although, the 1-core test still has AMD in lead. We’re uncertain about the authenticity of both these benchmarks.

i9-13900 vs R5 7600X | APISAK
A proper comparison would be against the i9-12900K. Do bear in mind, since only a few cores are available on the 13900, the testing will go no further than 8-cores.
As shown below, the performance difference is neglegible. However, the important thing to bear in mind is that the OC multi-core tests give the i9-13900 a major advantage, possibly due to the additional microarchitectural improvements.
i9-13900 (8 core) vs i9-12900K

Release Date

Since these benchmarks may not intrigue many, take a look at our previous tests where the i7 and the i9-K SKUs from Raptor Lake ate every other CPU put against them.

The i9-13900K breached into the 40,000 point territory in Cinebench R23 a while back. These CPUs are planned for announcement on the 27-28th of September at Intel’s Innovation event. Surprisingly, AMD is also considering announcing their Zen4 CPUs at the same date(s).


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