Ring of Elysium’s New ‘Europa Island’ Map Brings Volcanoes, Submarines, Sea Monsters and more

Ring of Elysium, Tencent’s snow-themed battle royale, is in for a whole bunch of new content. With season one coming to a close, developers have begun teasing the new map ‘Europa Island’. Season two of Ring of Elysium is called ‘Paradise Falls’, and goes live on January 16th.

Europa Island

As is evident from the trailer, the new map is vastly different from the first one. The island is based in a greener, warmer region of Europe. The snowy and icy terrain is replaced by grass and roads, making way for the new BMX and grappling hook gadgets. The mainland is home to a massive active volcano. Weather conditions also seem to be a major part of Europa Island. Players will have to fight in extreme weather such as rainy thunderstorms and under ash-filled skies.

Ring of Elysium
Europa Island Volcano

Season two also introduces heaps of new weapons and vehicles. The ocean surrounding the island can be traversed via boats and submarines. Although the specifics are yet to be revealed, it looks like new weapons, including a light machine gun, are on the way.

Ring of Elysium players will have access to two brand new packs on Europa Island. The BMX and grappling hook packs will be available alongside the glider pack on the new map. In the trailer, we can see that the grappling hook is extremely speedy, possibly enough to rival the glider in terms of versatility.

Paradise Falls will introduce a whole new line of cosmetics via the Adventurer Pass. Like the first one, we can expect a hundred tiers of cosmetics in the form of character customization and gadget skins.

Many players feel that the snow-based combat that made Ring of Elysium special will be lost in season two. We will know for sure if that is actually the case when season two releases next week on January 16th. Let us know what you think about Paradise Falls in the comments.

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Ring of Elysium’s New ‘Europa Island’ Map Brings Volcanoes, Submarines, Sea Monsters and more

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