Ring of Elysium Teases New Map, BMX and Grappling Hook Kits

Ring of Elysium, Tencent’s snow-themed battle royale, is approaching the end of its first season. Developers have already begun teasing the second season of the game. Our first sneak-peaks of the new content include a new map, and two new equipment kits.

New Map

Alongside a brand new map, season two of Ring of Elysium will introduce the BMX and Grappling Hook kits. Earlier this week, the official Twitter account shared a picture of the upcoming map, have a look:

Ring of Elysium
Ring of Elysium Season 2 Map

The new map is set on an island, GameWatcher reports. Looking at the top-down view of the map, it’s clear that the area has a significantly warmer climate. There is no sign of any snow or ice, even on the mountains.

New Kits

With a new environment comes new equipment. Although snowboards can still function on non-snowy/icy surfaces, the setting of the new map doesn’t exactly fit the description of the pack.¬†Ring of Elysium developers have confirmed that two new traversal gadgets are coming to the game in season two. Teaser images featuring the BMX and grappling hook equipment items have been shared.

Grappling Hook
Grappling Hook

Assuming a maximum of three possible packs per map, the grappling hook and BMX packs will replace the snowboarding and climbing packs. The glider pack, however, will still be available to pick in the new map.

Ring of Elysium
Ring of Elysium Season 2 Map

Judging from the teaser scenery image, it seems that high altitude peaks and mountains are still part of the game. This is likely why the developers kept the glider pack as an option. Although the glider pack is easily the most versatile option in the first map, it might not be as effective in the new map.

The developers have also said new vehicles will be added to Ring of Elysium. Considering the nature of the map, it’s highly likely that sea vehicles will make an appearance. More information about Ring of Elysium’s season two will be revealed as we approach its launch.


  1. It looks nice, as most BR maps do, but to me this is kind of a step backwards. The abilities are very nice, but they are just gimmicks. Useful gimmicks mind, but at least to me it was the snow environment that got me interested. If you have played the game, chances are the most fun you had was on a mountain side or top. Every BR game has flat plain fighting, but very few has the elevation of RoE. I was hoping for the second map it would be on another part of the mountain. Perhaps higher up on the ski hill(s.) Maybe the different map closure/spawn system will have this map surprise me, but in the end I am glad that Aurora is looking to extend their map roster early in RoE’s life

  2. I personally don’t like the new map as much. I really wanted to join because RoE was different from every other BR because of the snowy environment. I also love the packs and map how it is.

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