Ring of Elysium Adds New Characters and Gadget Skins With ‘Adventurer Pass’

Ring of Elysium, Tencent’s snow-themed battle royale with hang gliding and snowboarding, will be getting its own tiered progression system for cosmetics called the Adventurer Pass. Releasing on November 8th, the first season of the Adventurer Pass offers new content in the form of gadget skins, new characters, and all sorts of cosmetic apparel.

Similar to other tiered progression systems like Fortnite’s Battle Pass, the Adventure Pass lets players unlock cosmetics as their Adventurer level rises. All players have access to the free pass, but those who purchase the premium Adventurer Pass can unlock more exclusive rewards such as ‘Icon characters’ and gadget skins.

The icon characters for the first season are ‘X-sports Maniac, Gavin’, ‘Photographer, Lynn’, and ‘Shadow, Hikage’. Players can unlock more cosmetics for each icon character by increasing their Adventurer Level, which can be done by simply playing the game.

Photographer, Lynn RoE
Photographer, Lynn
X-sports Maniac, Gavin
X-sports Maniac, Gavin
Shadow, Hikage RoE
Shadow, Hikage

The Adventurer Pass also includes new skins for each of the three gadgets. Hang gliders, snowboards, and hiking picks will receive new skins that can be unlocked within the premium pass.

Hiking Pick Skins

The first Adventurer season begins tomorrow November 8th, and will last approximately two months. Tencent says that they will continue to add “more original and fascinating content” to Ring of Elysium.

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Ring of Elysium Adds New Characters and Gadget Skins With ‘Adventurer Pass’

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