Ride hailing giant Uber plans to flock Paris skyline with hovering flying taxis worth $23.4 million

The concept flying car will seize to just stay an invention from the future when Uber brings the hot new plan to life in Paris within a design center specialized for the purpose. The ride giants laid it’s basis for the big plan on French grounds by constructing the Advanced Technology Center which will be launched this fall and will be invested in with the amount of $23.4 million within the following 5 years. The reasons made obvious for choosing Paris besides previous shaky experiences include the ease of operations with the European Aviation Safety Agency and the other regulating agencies.

Paris has been unkind to Uber in the previous years in the form of refusal of acceptance by the local taxi group in the city both by the users and owners. Apart from that the local Government shut down the low cost Uber’s service by the name of UberProp.       

Uber originally aims to design an aircraft that can function independently and intelligently while keeping the safety measures at hand, transporting passengers from on point to another or maybe from one roof to another powered electrically. They also expect the machine to perform eVTOL function which is actually the ability of a drone to land along the parallel and the perpendicular but our grievances are with Uber since no such system yet exists and the company still faces major challenges.


However this futuristic idea comes with both pros and cons, after the pros being discussed the cons include the fatal car crash that occurred at an experimenting sight in Arizona which led to the pack up of further any such experiments. Google is giving Uber a tough already with the launch of a drone that can carry two person at a time with a considerable speed 110mph and is going through the approval and testing procedure at New Zealand.

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Ride hailing giant Uber plans to flock Paris skyline with hovering flying taxis worth $23.4 million

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