Reviewers Experience Serious Heating Problems With Xbox Series X

One Journalist described it as "fireplace shaft"

French Streamer and Journalist Ken Bogard got his hands on pre-release Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S. Kevin reported that two consoles were pretty fantastic; however, there was one issue with the Xbox Series X. The Xbox Series X is hot. He described the experience saying “emitting heat like crazy.”. Kevin further noted that the Console was silent, and there wasn’t any noise. But, the heat coming out of the exhaust was too much.

Xbox Series X Heating problem
The Reviewer’s Series X and Series S Units

“The Series X is hot, like really hot! It doesn’t make any noise, but damn, it’s hot! The Console is emitting heat like crazy. It’s almost like a fireplace shaft. You can heat your flat with it.”

Kevin takes note that the problem only occurred while playing backward compatible games and messing around the UI. Kevin didn’t say much about Series S, but this was his contemplations on Xbox Series X Cooling System.

Xbox Series X Heating
Xbox Series X Disassembly Picture

For the most part, It is very typical for PC and Console’s to emit heat, but they don’t do it on that level, that reviewer has to compare it with “fireplace shaft.” There would be something wrong, but once again, these are the testing units.

Another similar incident happened with Jeff Bakalar, co-host of Giant Bomb. Jeff was teasing the Series X In podcast, discussing the Console size with the rest of the members. Jeff grabbed the Expansion SSD, and while showing it on the podcast, he nearly dropped it, saying, “it’s super hot.”

Afterwards, he continued saying “here’s what crazy, this was plugged In standby mode behind me, and the entire thing is a little toasty.” assuming the console was running while being turned off.

Jeff also said that “other consoles were¬†doing stuff while you were not using them, it seems like this thing might be doing something while you’re not using it, to the point where it needs to exhaust heat.” The discussion about its heating problem ended with “pre-release” remarks. I wonder, If this problem will happen with the final product or not. The Xbox Series X features a huge 130mm to facilitate cooling. Other than this, it has multiple vents on the top, bottom, and sides.

Sony’s PS5 was also handed out to see numerous reviewers. Check more on that here.


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