Retro Power Toys Returns To Windows: Microsoft Introduces It As an Open-Sourced Project

Certain features about an OS are just unforgettable. Take Mac’s battery remaining time, for example. While there are many new features to the new macOS, that little feature full of convenience is still missing. Similarly, going back about 25 years, we can think of Microsoft’s Power Toys. The utility tool opened up many utilities such as TweakUI and more. While it was such a hit back in the day, it is sadly an ignored entity in the age of Windows 10. Not for long though. In a post on Github, Microsoft announced the reboot of the old platform.

Calc Util
Calculator Utility- Power Toys

While Microsoft is rebooting the Power Toys, it is making a few tweaks here and there. What was a rigid and non-flexible platform will now be open source. Thus, the announcement on Github carries much more importance. Being an open source project, it would open so many doors to developers all around.

While the product is still not out, it is set to arrive later during the summer. Till then, not many features are being worked on. There are two in particular: “Maximize to a new desktop widget, and the Windows key shortcut guide“, as quoted on beta news. Following the release, it would open the doors to developers, making sure more features come to the platform soon.

The two utilities being worked on are quite useful. The first one, MTND widget would allow the user to shift a window, with the minimize button, to a new desktop, while being in fullscreen mode. Adding basic utility and making the user’s life easier. One needs to widen his/ her perspective to really understand these things. I can understand, these may seem quite redundant right now, one should be patient. Coming back to the topic at hand, the second utility would refer to windows shortcuts. We are aware that windows allow shortcuts by pressing the Windows key and another button. While it can be a bit tedious to remember all of them by heart, the utility would display all the commands on the screen once the windows key is pressed for a period of time.

Apart from the above, there are a bunch of projects in the platform open for users to contribute to. The Github post linked above is the main source for all the information on them. It would surely be an exciting addition to Windows, one that may bring the spark back to a dull platform.

Sarmad Burki
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Retro Power Toys Returns To Windows: Microsoft Introduces It As an Open-Sourced Project

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