Retailer Discusses PC Hardware Failure Rates With GPUs Leading the Front

Hardware Sugar, a four-year-old Philippine store that sells computer components, has revealed its profits from its early years in business. It is a little store that cannot be compared to Amazon, Newegg, Best Buy, or any other online retailer, but it provides information on some of the most well-known brands that are returned and the percentage of failure from its shelves. 

Unsurprisingly, graphics cards are the most often compromised components, with just two manufacturers sold: Gigabyte and MSI. Although the merchant sold 141 Gigabyte GPUs and 129 MSI graphics cards, the latter manufacturer saw a 5% failure rate. With just two failures reported over a four-year period, MSI had a failure rate of 1.5 percent. The only motherboard manufacturers were MSI and Gigabyte, with them selling 388 units and  470 units respectively, with failure rates of 2.4% and 1.8%.

Other sparsely used components were RAM and NVME SSD, where TeamGroup and G.Skill dominated the market for RAM and Samsung and the market for SSD, respectively. TeamGroup had the greatest failure rates in both categories over the last four years, with RAM failing at a rate of 1% and NVMe SSDs failing at a rate of 1.2%. At 0.66%, G.Skill RAM’s failure rate was almost as high as TeamGroup’s. Over the preceding four years with Hardware Sugar, Samsung never saw a return on SSDs.

categorySoldFailedFailure Rate
Graphics Cards   
Power Supplies   
Cooler Master15732%
NVMe SSDs   

The most brands sold via Hardware Sugar were for power supplies and cooling goods, with four brands of PSUs and three brands of cooling items available. Seasonic had the highest failure rate of any power supply, at 1.8%. DeepCool was the only manufacturer to not have even one defective device via the Philippine store. However, just 46 units were sold, compared to over 100 units sold over the previous four years by the other manufacturers, Corsair, Cooler Master, and Seasonic.

The most intriguing statistics were found in the cooling supply category, where NZXT was the only company on the list which also included Corsair and DeepCool to have any defective cooling supply units at all, with a failure rate of 4%. We cannot extrapolate these figures to the global level since they were predicated on a regional scale.


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