How to Restore iPad to it’s factory settings

iPad restoration is a great feature of the iPad that allows the iUser to fix most of it’s software based issues by restoring it. When you restore an iPad it goes back to it’s factory settings; just the way it was when you first powered it on. This means, the restore option will wipe off all data and you will need to set it back. If you have data and do not want to risk losing it, then you should first back the iPad up; then restore it to factory settings and then restore¬†only the important data from back up.¬†

In this guide; we will focus only on restoring it to factory settings but should you wish to back your data up, then you can check out the Apple’s own guide on “backing up” by clicking here.

You can restore your iPad if any of the follow issues occur:

iPad disabled
Lost the password for your iPad
iPad has gone into Recovery Mode (showing connect to iTunes)

1. Connect your USB cable to your computer but not to the iPad.

2. Turn off the iPad: Press and hold the Sleep/Wake (top) button for a few seconds until the red slider appears, then slide the slider. Wait for the device to turn off.

3. While pressing and holding the Home button down (the round button in the center), connect the USB cable to the iPad this will turn the device back on.

4. Continue holding the Home button until you see the Connect to iTunes screen. When this screen appears, you can release the Home button

iTunes will automatically display the notification when it detects the iPad5. The iTunes will display an option to “Restore iPad”, click the “Restore iPad” button. It will take between 30 to 50 minutes for it to Complete. (Do not disconnect the iPad from Computer while it is doing the restore)

Once the restore is complete, You will be asked to “Set up the iPad as New” OR Restore your iPad from the backup.

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How to Restore iPad to it’s factory settings

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