Respawn Working “Directly With NVIDIA” to Address Apex Legends Crashes

Launched a few weeks ago, Apex Legends has quickly become the talk of the town. Like any other title, the game has numerous issues, but developer Respawn has been quick to address most of them. However, a fix for the most rampant issue that is crashes on the PC is still in the works. In their latest update post, Respawn stated that they are investigating the issues of crashes, hitboxes, and any other game-breaking exploits.


Nearly every Apex Legends player on PC has probably been robbed of a victory as a result of game crashes. Over the past few days, players have swarmed the subreddit with thousands of crash reports, and Respawn is studying them closely.

“This week we’ve been working directly with nVidia to investigate PC crashing as well as parsing through reports from our customer service folks. These reports are aggregated from hundreds of posts with breakdowns of what hardware is being affected. We have to account for thousands of different hardware configurations and settings so reproducing many crashes, applying, and testing the fixes will take time. We know this is very frustrating for many of you that are trying to play.”

In the meantime, Respawn advises players to disable overclocks and cap their framerate in order to improve stability. Check out the official troubleshooting post for more ways to reduce crashes.


Last week, Respawn acknowledged the “disproportionate hitboxes between legends”.  Today, the developer stated that it will be “addressing it in the future”.  As inconsistent hitboxes can be a major problem in shooter games, this is probably not the news fans wanted to hear. Knowing Apex Legends’ network infrastructure, this issue should be fixed as soon as possible.

Long Distance Skydiving

Skydiving is an integral part of Apex Legends, both in the initial phase and during matches. Recently, players discovered an exploit that essentially allowed them to fly forever. Less than a week later, Respawn has now confirmed that the bug in question has been patched. Considering the game-breaking nature of the exploit, it’s a relief to see the developers take such quick action.

Other Apex Legends improvements include the Twitch Prime loot exploit fix. All players who obtained the Pathfinder legendary skin via the launch options will no longer have access to it. However, the five Apex Packs and all the cosmetics obtained from them is still part of players’ inventory.

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Respawn Working “Directly With NVIDIA” to Address Apex Legends Crashes

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