Respawn Explains Why Apex Legends PC Crashes Are So Troublesome

Like any other game, Apex Legends has had several run-ins with exploits and bugs. We’ve had the Twitch Prime loot exploit, followed by the unlimited flight bug, and then the issue of inconsistent hitboxes. However, one particularly frustrating issue that has stuck to the game since launch is crashing on the PC version. Developer Respawn has been working with both AMD and NVIDIA in an attempt to investigate the root cause of the problem. In a recent blog, the developer explained why these pesky crashes have been so problematic.


Earlier this week, a patch for Apex Legends on PC added a new tool to help in the reporting of the crashes. Whenever a crash occurs, the game now creates an apex_crash.txt log file in the My Documents folder. Since then, numerous players have shared these files with the developers. Respawn claims that finding these bugs is very difficult, so the recent influx of log files has made their jobs much easier.

Respawn also shared an analogy explaining why these crashes are so difficult to fix.

“Imagine you’ve got thousands of robots tasked with painting different parts of an entire city, where each robot is given one of a dozen colors of paint,” writes Respawn. “Occasionally, somebody complains that one of the rooms that was supposed to be red has some blue on the wall, but they don’t tell you which room. Based on that information, your job is to go fix it! This is why it’s been difficult to quickly identify, reproduce, fix, and test fixes.”

Hence, making use of the crash log files greatly helps the developers in their troubleshooting efforts. “We had never seen the crash in any of our internal testing before, but now we could finally reproduce the bug and that meant we could find it and fix it!”

Although the recent Apex Legends patch improved stability, there’s still a long way to go before crashes are completely eliminated. If you want to help out Respawn, you can share your apex_crash.txt file on the EA answers forums.

Farhan Ali
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