Respawn Delivering Permanent Hardware Bans to Apex Legends Cheaters

Weeks after its release, cheaters began showing up in Apex Legends. However, developer Respawn made its stance towards cheaters very clear by banning 355,000 of them in one month. It seems that the strictness doesn’t stop there, as cheaters are now reporting receiving permanent hardware bans.

Permanent Hardware Bans

As reported by, the computers of Apex Legends players caught cheating are being permanently banned. Furthermore, once a hardware ban is delivered, any other account playing from that machine is flagged and automatically banned within 30 minutes.

Reddit users browsing cheating forums have discovered hackers complaining about receiving hardware bans. Funnily enough, one cheater desperately trying to get unbanned says they don’t have “any desire to cheat on Apex”. Another cheater reports having dozens of their Origin accounts banned. Even starting up training mode from a hardware banned PC causes fresh accounts to be banned within minutes.

Apex Legends Cheater Complaining
Apex Legends Cheater Complaining

As Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale game, there are bound to be lots of cheaters. Many players who use free public cheats are no doubt upset with the bans, but those who paid a good amount of money are definitely unhappier. Paid or ‘premium’ hacks can cost upwards of $60, and some even cross the triple digit mark.

While it seems like a drastic measure, the introduction of hardware bans is a very good sign for Apex Legends. Respawn previously said that “cheaters are crafty and we don’t want them to see us coming.” Judging from how the cheaters are reacting to the move, it looks like the developers are heading in the right direction.

Cheaters are not uncommon in all online games, but they’re especially noticeable in free-to-play battle royale games. Although the permanent hardware bans will reduce the number of cheaters, Respawn will need to keep up the effort if they want Apex Legends to be free of cheaters. For now, we’ll keep laughing at cheaters who act surprised when they receive bans.

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Respawn Delivering Permanent Hardware Bans to Apex Legends Cheaters

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