Resident Evil 2 Remake Mod Adds Support for DLSS, FSR 2.0, and XeSS

A recent video published on YouTube showcases a mod that brings support for upscaling technologies to Resident Evil 2‘s Remake.

According to a recent video uploaded to YouTube by Flat2VR, the developers Praydog and PureDank are working on a new mod that will be the first to include support for upscaling technologies from NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel (DLSS, FSR 2.0 and XeSS).

Given that Resident Evil 2 Remake did not previously have compatibility with any of the aforementioned upscaling methods, this is major news. Although there is no ETA on when this mod will be released, you can find a video below that shows it in action.

A HUGE achievement as one of the first games to ever get full DLSS / FSR2 & XeSS support modded in a game to improve performance. It should also greatly enhance the experience & visuals of playing the RE games in VR.

Although a release date for the mod hasn’t yet been announced, it’s still a promising development, especially if it can be applied to other titles.

These are exciting times for Resident Evil fans, as trailers for Resident Evil 4 Remake were recently released, with the game expected to launch sometime in 2023

As for this mod, none of the modders have said when it will be out or where you can get it, but just the hope of getting it is exciting. These technologies will make the game run more smoothly and look better. This mod would be great for players who just want to squeeze out every last FPS they can.


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