Reserve a ticket for playing Super Smash Bros. at E3 2018

If you are a fan of Mario and attending the E3 conference 2018 at the same time, then you might wanna sign up to book your ticket for having the chance to play Super Smash Bros. at the event.

Nintendo has announced that those who want to play the Super Smash Bros. live at the event, they will need to register themselves online for it and wait for the confirmation email. You can buy the 3 days ticket for attending E3 for $240 till 31st May. After that, you will receive an email from ESA on how you can reserve your ticket for the gameplay experience. You might want to add “” to your safe email list, or you might miss the email out.

You can choose from two different categories, “For Fun” and “For Glory”. For Fun is the category where you will be casually playing against other players to experience the gameplay beforehand. “For Glory” according to Nintendo, will comprise of players testing their skills to see how they can stack up against other competitive players. Winners will advance to play in up to three rounds after which the winner will be announced. We’re not sure yet of what will be the prize for the winner (or if there will be one).

You won’t have to register yourself for playing any other game from Nintendo at E3, you can just wait in the lane for your turn. On spot registration for Super Smash Bros. won’t be available so you might not wanna take any risks.

In addition to that, Nintendo has announced that it wants its fans to bring their Switch systems to the E3 conference with them. Nintendo will then randomly select winner or winners who will be spotted playing it at the Nintendo booth or anywhere else at the Lo Angeles Convention Center. The winner will be given away a Nintendo Switch Pin as a gift.

Aaron Michael
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