Reports Suggest Microsoft Will Unveil Xbox Series S in August

In May, Xbox revealed its marketing strategy for its upcoming console(s) under a continuous event called Xbox 20/20. So far, we have had the May event, which didn’t go as well, and Xbox admitted to its shortcomings. In the July event, they will focus on the games made by Microsoft Studios.

The Xbox 20/20 was supposed to reveal snippets of information around the console(s) and game services EVERY month. One may notice that its the last day of June and we did not get anything new. Microsoft has already announced its plans for the next month. Microsoft may be missing something, and according to Eurogamer, it has something to do with the cancelation of E3 and the mystery Xbox Lockhart console.

According to the report, Microsoft planned a surprise announcement for its low-powered console during E3, which obviously did not go as planned, and hence there was no June event. For those who don’t know, E3 was supposed to happen in June. So, it all adds up, and it would have been a huge surprise for gamers (if we discard all those leaks).

We know that the information around the Xbox Series S (internal name: Lockhart) has been leaking left and right since the reveal of its bigger brother. Microsoft has yet to acknowledge the console, but a leaked internal document suggests that the big June reveal event will now happen in August.

The lower-powered console is designed to play games at 1080p/1440p. The leaked specifications include 7.5GB of RAM and a GPU capable of putting out 4 TFLOPS of computing power.


Mohsin Naeem

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