Reports Suggest iPhones in 2021 Will Support LTPO OLEDs: May Open Possibilities for Energy Efficient High Refresh Rate Displays

iPhones for this year have been delayed and there is little on the leaks department too. As a matter of fact, we already know a lot about these devices. Interestingly enough, a lot of people are already starting to report news and rumours about the upcoming devices, in the next year. We know that reviving the display technology is going to be the goal for Apple in 2021. Yesterday, we posted an article on our website about the new mini-LED displays on the iPad Pro models. Today though, the news is more focused on the iPhone side of things.

According to a report from WCCFTECH, the company has already made talks with the supply chain to provide new and improved OLED panels for iPhones in the year 2021. These would be new kinds of panels which would support LTPO technology. In case the name sounds familiar, you’re not mistaken. We saw Apple adopt this technology for its Apple Watch Series 5 watches to provide an always-on display: its flagship feature.

Apple introduced the LTPO panel for its Apple Watch Series 5 last year

Why the company is choosing to go this route may have several reasons for it. Firstly, the LTPO supported panels would consume less energy as each individual pixel would be lit according to the requirement and the changing refresh rate would limit its energy usage. Additionally, this may open up horizons for the ProMotion display from Apple. Apple’s ProMotion display was a major success in the iPad Pro models. While the industry has already shifted to 90+Hz panels, Apple stands at 60Hz ones. Additionally, this panel would be energy efficient as well, which Apple has been focusing on, given the limited battery size.

While people believed that 2020 would be the year that Apple chooses to opt higher refresh displays, it seems like that may not be the case. It would be smart though. Given that the upcoming iPhone would be a powerful device, a less than par battery life would taint its image. We all saw what happened with Google’s Pixel 4.


Sarmad Burki

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