Report Suggests Apple to Add a New Taptic Engine, Front Camera to the Upcoming iPhone Lineup

While there are reports of what Apple’s future plans would be for the iPhone, we are just a couple of months away from this year’s model. The iPhone XI, as it is most likely to be, would be announced at the Apple Fall event this September. While, in the previous years, there used to be this mystery regarding the new design, that has been thrown away as of late. For the iPhone X, users had seen the mockup almost 4 months before the release. This is huge for a product whose lifespan is just 12 months or so. Similarly, for the Pixel 3, tech reporters had gotten a mockup way before the actual announcement.

The entire idea of globalization has created endless loopholes and loose strings. Coming back to the iPhone, 9to5Mac has hinted at some features to be expected in the upcoming iPhone. The article talks about the new taptic engine and the latest chip that would power the device and other confirmed news regarding the device as well.

Contrary to earlier belief, one myth should be clarified first and foremost. It is now quite certain if not a hundred percent that the next iPhone lineup would continue to feature a lightning port. Although recent reports suggested otherwise, the latest mockups for quite some time now are sticking to the lightning port. Apart from the exterior changes which do feature the new, and in my opinion, absurd camera footprint, we come to the taptic engine.

The New Taptic Engine

Apple completely changed the home button with the Taptic engine on iPhone 7

Apple really perfected its taptic engine with the iPhone 7. It was when Apple decided to kill the physically moving home button. It was first introduced with the iPhone 6S when Apple decided to introduce the 3D touch system. Although seen as quite the gimmick, it created two schools of thought between its followers. Signs suggest and according to the latest rumor trail, Apple would be dumping the 3D touch technology. Instead, as it can be seen in many devices with the iOS 13 beta version, Apple has introduced long press for the buttons.

This year, the devices would be featuring a new taptic engine which Apple has codenamed as leap haptics. While we may not know the extent of its functionality, it is quite certain that Apple would be integrating it with the long-press introduced, to compensate for the lack of 3D touch, something they did with the home button as well.

The Camera

While we are certain that there will be a new camera system on all the iPhones, with that matrix footprint, there is still news that will excite readers and Apple fans. The back camera, as most of the readers, may already know would be featuring a new wide-angle camera. Knowing Apple and how they take on new technology, they wait for it to develop in the market and then perfect it. With the new Wide Angle camera on the iPhones, Apple is said to include a new Smart Frame feature. What this would allow is to capture extra information for users to adjust the picture and the framing accordingly. This would not take up extra space either. The information stored would be temporary and would be discarded after some time.

Leaks and rumors have suggested a matrix form of the new camera setup, featuring a wide-angle camera

Coming to the front camera, for quite some time, Apple has focused on its rear cameras and not the front one. While Android users enjoy multiple modes and functionality with theirs, Apple users are left, waiting on the side. This time around, the report suggests that the front camera would be upgraded too. The front camera would now support 120fps slow-motion video recording, as the report suggests. While there isn’t much added about this, a wider angle camera would be preferred given that they have introduced slow-motion capability as well. Perhaps, we shall know for sure when the device does come out in September.

Other Updates

Reports suggest that the next iPhone lineup would be featuring Apple’s A13 chip which Apple codenamed as Cebu. While Apple’s current chip does break the market standard by performing exceptionally, Apple would be looking to make the chip, not just more powerful, but more power-efficient as well. This is because the mockups do not suggest the iPhones being thicker or bigger which means a similar battery size. Considering the competition, the standard iPhone XI would have to be a good performer in the battery department.

Coming to the displays of the next generation of iPhones, readers may be disappointed. According to the report, Apple would be going with the same displays as it uses for the current lineup. While screens on the iPhone XS and XS Max aren’t really bad, the XR’s sub-par screen really disappointed a lot of users. While I do consider Apple’s decisions as sketchy at times, the XR screen was hyped to be bad but in reality, wasn’t really a letdown. While this is the case, there have been other reports that suggested Apple would be going for a new OLED technology and higher refresh displays for the iPhones in 2020.

While the updates are incremental, they suggest more of a minor upgrade to the current model and not a new device. While the device that eventually comes out would be good and will compete toe-to-toe with all the flagships, it simply does not scream 2019, nor does it reflect the innovative methods Apple used to adopt back in the day.

Sarmad Burki
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