Report: Apple is Stopping its Service Providers to fix the Screen Flickering Issues on the iPhone 12 Series Suggesting its a Software Issue

Users of iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro Max have reported the issue

Every year the launch of iPhones makes headlines because of Apple’s intense marketing schedule and the brand loyalty that the company enjoys. Apple is known for its anti-consumer practices, but there have been many improvements for the last 2,3 years. The iPhone 12 launch has been great so far, but most early adopters are facing issues with their displays.

Some users are posting images of their iPhone 12 in which it can be clearly seen that there is a greenish-yellow hue on display, and it starts flickering as soon as the users change the brightness of the display. MacRumors reportedly got their hands on Apple’s internal document that confirms that Apple is aware of the issue. The document was shared with the official service providers asking them to stop servicing these phones.

Apple iPhone 12 display issue

Apple thinks that it is actually a software that can be solved via firmware updates. Some users also claim that the pixels are not turning off to show the color black in the dynamic scenes or videos. However, if there is a static scene or a photo containing the color black, the phone takes some time to correct the display’s colors.

It should also be noted that the issue is not limited to the iPhone 12. A user experienced a similar problem on the recently released iPhone 12 Pro Max device. It is a bit subdued in the recently released device, but it’s still there. This is not the first time a device released in 2020 that suffered from a similar issue. Some Samsung Galaxy S20 FE users also reported similar issues, which were mostly fixed by firmware updates from Samsung.

It is still not sure how Apple will deal with the problem; however, a software fix may come shortly.

Mohsin Naeem
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