Fix: Remove adware

Web Browsers are always prone to malwares, spywares and adware no matter how secure they are. Somehow, these viruses find their way and these can occur in serious consequences if not handled properly. Edge browser is in probation period as Windows 10 is recently announced. So, there would be some empty spots from where these viruses can have access to the computer.

Some users have reported an adware inside Microsoft Edge browser called that locks the browser and doesn’t allow the users to use it any more. This is quite frustrating for the users as it can penetrate deeply inside the system causing serious troubles to the PC. Windows own protection i.e. Defender is also unable to handle it. So, in this guide, we would be fixing this issue with the Edge browser. remove 1

Reasons Behind this Problem:

Internet is loaded with spywares and malwares. So, it should be taken care of while surfing over the internet. This adware program usually affects the Edge browser when an unknown or fake program is downloaded and installed in the PC. This is bundled with those fake sofwares and gets installed. This adware insists the users to install or update different softwares like Java, flash etc. When users click on these ads, the earns money as it is a pay-per-click adware program. So, it doesn’t update your softwares instead it installs additional toolbars and pop-ups in order to interrupt the user experience.

How to Prevent Yourself in the Future?

I hope, if you are moving along smoothly, then this question will definitely go through your mind that how you can prevent yourself from installing these ads in the future?

Here is the tip. Always perform a Custom Install while installing softwares whether it’s a game or an application. A number of times, these adware programs are embedded with the installer packages of other softwares and these also get installed with that particular software.

How to Remove

Here is the guide for which you have probably landed on this page. So, let’s get started to remove this hefty adware program affecting your Edge Browser. Follow the steps below to completely remove it.

1. Open the Edge browser from an external link. Do not open it directly from the desktop or start menu. You can use an email link or any other external link to open it.

2. After opening the Edge from an external link, you would find tabs at the top. The first one on the top will be the infected one. Just remove the tab by clicking on the X icon instead of opening it. remove 2

3. After removing the tab, open the menu of Edge browser by clicking on the three dots at top right corner. Inside the menu, click on the Settings and click Choose what to clear button in order to clear the browsing data. See the image below. remove 3

4. Now, you can should close the browser and open it again. The malicious adware would be gone and you would have a clean user experience with your Edge browser.

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Fix: Remove adware

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