How to Remove or Uninstall Tencent QQPCMgr

When you install unwanted software on your computer, normally you end up cursing your own actions for a long time. While installing desirable third-party software, we often end up getting some unwanted and unsafe malware installed on our computers. You will definitely know what we are talking about if you somehow ended up downloading TENCENT QQPCKMgr software on your computer.

tencent qqpcmgr

It’s a Chinese rootkit anti-virus software that can sneak in to your computer and then stay there till long. A rootkit software is a type of malware that boots up before your operating system has started completely and that’s why they can be hard to detect; hence you will not find this Chinese software in the “All Programs” list inside Control panel. So how to get rid of it? Obviously you can’t let it sit on your computer and run the risk of aggravating the infection. So are you also looking for ways to figure out the problem and have tried all sorts of difficult methods but to no avail? Well then you finally have come to the place you should have come earlier. We have got a fool-proof and an entirely simple way to help you out. Perform the following steps:

Bring the start menu up by pressing the Windows Key and select “File Explorer” on Windows 10 or press and Hold Windows Key + E

There should be a directory inside your boot drive (where Windows is installed) where you will find the installation folder for Tencent. It should be named “Tencent” and should normally be inside the “Program Files (x86)” folder on the Windows drive or Program Files with out the x86. If you can’t find it manually you can type “Tencent” in your boot drive’s search bar (found at the top right hand side of the file explorer window) and the results should lead you to it.

There will be an uninstall file present in the folder. Double click to run it.

The instructions will be in Chinese but you will know where to click by pressing the button where you normally find “OK” in English.

Yes, this should do it. It was this simple getting rid of TENCENT QQPCMgr!

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How to Remove or Uninstall Tencent QQPCMgr

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