How to Reduce Data Usage on Windows 10

With the advancement of technology, we now have various different mediums to connect to the internet meeting the user specific demands, these includes mobile wifi’s, dongles, wireless hotspots etc.. However, with most mobile based internet mediums, the main issue is the cost of data consumption. Anyone using data on a mobile-based device, is paying a premium as compared to home internet via cable/dsl/fiber providers. Also, with the newer operating systems such as Windows 10 – most of the stuff has moved online. For example, previously you would by default login to the PC without your computer having to speak to Microsoft, now you have a Microsoft login where you login via email address to your computer and this takes a bit of data.

In this guide, we’ll see how and where can we make improvements to reduce data usage.

First and foremost, the Spybot Beacon a small application to stop the windows tracking and telemetry updates, the aim of this application is to simply stop your Windows 10 from submitting data to Microsoft, and if it stops sending data, it starts saving data. You can get this app by Googling spybot beacon, once you have it downloaded and installed. Open it, and use the immunize button to let it do the rest for you. Once this is done, the next task is to increase your browser cache, so it can save more and depend less on loading from the internet. Cache, is a mechanism which helps reduce page load times by loading static elements of a website, by downloading and save them to your system. If for example, you go to Facebook, and in the background it has a 3 MB JavaScript, it will try and download this script every time you visit FB. By default, cache is enabled and it has a certain size, it’s already doing it’s thing but what we want to do here is to save data and for that reason, we will need to increase the cache size so it can save more, depend less, increase speed and reduce data usage. Since there are a number of browsers, i am not putting the instructions here for every browser, but what you can do is use Google to search for a way to increase your cache size.

Once done, the next important tweak you can make is to stop windows from updating automatically – atleast, while you are on a mobile or expensive data plan. Fortunately, this is very easy to do in Windows 10.

Go to Settings -> choose Network & Internet and then choose Advanced Options. Scroll down further, and set your connection as a Metered Connection. Once this is done, windows will think that your connection is a limited connection and it will prevent Windows from pushing updates automatically. You now have the choice to download updates manually, do this when you’re not on a limited bandwidth connection.

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How to Reduce Data Usage on Windows 10

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