Rumours Afloat For Redesigned iMacs this WWDC: Smaller Bezel Displays, Fast SSDs & Navi GPUs

The iMac was genuinely revolutionary back in the day. With the current design over eight years old now, this just seems like a dated one. That is the thing with Apple lately, innovation in the design department has stagnated quite a lot ever since the demise of Steve Jobs. Even the iPhone SE design, in an age of max screen-body ratio phones, Apple pushed a design from the early 2010s. Speaking of the iMac, the bezels on that machine make it look ancient. Not to mention, some of the included specs.

Well, good news for people who share our point of view. According to an article posted on 9to5Mac, the company is reportedly working to redesign the iMacs altogether.

A New iMac?

From the top of the head, the company may be going for a complete design haul on the exterior. The display comes first to mind. The huge bezels are honestly very ancient and the company is probably planning on changing them. The proposed design may be similar to the one found on the XDR displays with the thinner bezels. Of course, it would not share the same resolution but yes.

A second major change planned is the changing of the internal storage devices. For quite some time Apple has been shipping these with HDDs and fusion drives. Now, none other devices from the company ship with mechanical drives. Apple has planned to include T2 chip-enabled SSDs which would enable faster read/write speeds. There would be an additional layer of security as well included with this.

Lastly, we see a tweet from Sonny Dickson, which claims that the GPU options would be upgraded as well. Now it is unknown whether all models would get these but the tweet claims that Apple would opt for AMD Navi GPUs. The device is rumoured to be revealed this month at the WWDC.


Sarmad Burki

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