Red Dead Redemption 2 Finds No Redemption in its PC Debut, Players Report Widespread Crashes and Other Optimization Issues

When PC games get a delayed launch, developers usually play the optimization card. That is fair given the vast ecosystem of computer hardware. Like some developers, Rockstar has this practice of delaying PC launches by a few months but nobody really cares given most of their titles have rock-solid performance on launch.  Apparently that is not the case with Red Dead Redemption 2’s much-awaited PC release as eager players are facing a plethora of issues.

Oh boy! where do I start, you have everything from the in-game stuttering to the classic crash to desktop. I guess thorough testing before launch is overrated these days.

Check out my new sick Red Dead Redemption 2 wallpaper! I even took it from the game. from PCRedDead


For a lot of people, the game doesn’t even start and they are greeted by the following message “Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC exited unexpectedly”. Some people were able to run the game with the following fixes listed below.

  • Update Bios to a recent release
  • Disable Anti-Virus software or make exceptions.
  • Update to Nvidia’s and AMD’s most recent drivers.
  • Running the game as admin with Full-Screen Optimization disabled.

Performance Issues

No doubt the game looks great and is taxing on the hardware side of things, but most of the performance issues at this point are inexplicable.

Game freezing (high cpu-usage) from PCRedDead

People have also reported 100 percent CPU usage and display artifacts causing stuttering and more crashes. The in-game settings also change abruptly, so double-check that. You can try the following fixes.

  • Turn reflections down to medium/low
  • Turn Down Water Physics Quality
  • Switch API to Vulkar or DX12

Upcoming Emergency Patch

Rockstar is aware of the issues and apparently they will push out a new emergency patch soon.

Dhan said: “Hello mam/sir good day, My name is Dhan Thank you for contacting Rockstar Support. we will forward this technical teams as we have already have massive report about this. sorry for the inconvenience. there will be an emergency patch update as we talking about this they are currently fixing the update and wait for the announcement below social medias of rockstar games.

Rockstar Games Twitter:

Rockstar Games Status:

Rockstar Games Support:

Rockstar Newswire:

Regards, Dhan Rockstar Games Expert”


You can visit this Reddit thread for more information. This goes without saying, steer clear off the game for now if you didn’t buy it already. We will update the article in-case of any new developments.

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