Recruit a Norse Dog Companion in Dead in Vinland: The Vallhund DLC on September 19th

Dead in Vinland is an adventure survival role-playing game with a Viking theme. Developed by CCCP, the game is a challenging turn-based experience in which players build a camp and maintain their community. The game was released last April, and will be getting its first downloadable content expansion called The Vallhund on September 19th.

The Vallhund

The first downloadable content for the game, The Vallhund, will drop alongside the 1.2 patch on September 19th. Developer CCCP shared the news via a Steam post, which included a few screenshots of the upcoming content. Currently, all we know about the expansion pack is that players will be able to recruit “the Vallhund” Norse dog into their camp.

Patch 1.2

Alongside The Vallhund, patch 1.2 will be made available to everyone for free. This patch will bring “many improvements and new features.” One of the features that will be deployed with the patch is random enemy traits, which the developers talked about last month. With this new mechanic, developers say that the every encounter in-game will be unique. Read the patch notes for the full list of new modifiers that will be added with the free patch.

The patch will also contain some gameplay changes, such as special effects for camp stations and a third mode for exploration. Many of these new features and changes, including the full list of new camp station traits, were shared on the official developer blog.

In the announcement post, the developers showed an updated variant of roadmap for the game’s DLCs until Spring 2019. Future plans for the game include DLCs which will add a “new mode” this winter and “new content” in next year’s expansion. Check out the updated roadmap below:


More details regarding the upcoming update will be shared in the devblog. The Vallhund downloadable content will be available alongside patch 1.2 on September 19th. Dead in Vinland is available on PC via Steam.

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Recruit a Norse Dog Companion in Dead in Vinland: The Vallhund DLC on September 19th

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