Realistic World War 2 FPS Post Scriptum Open Beta Released

Periscope Games, the studio behind Project Reality WWII and Liberty’s Highway, have been working on an upcoming realistic shooter game. Post Scriptum is a World War 2 simulation game which features huge maps, a variety of vehicles and over 50 usable weapons. The open beta for the game is now live ahead of its full release on August 9th.

Post Scriptum

As the game aims to be as realistic as possible, every match can have up to 80 players on a 140 square kilometer map. Unlike many other shooters, however, Post Scriptum features a gameplay style that requires teamwork and tactics in order to succeed. Each player is assigned to a squad with 8 other infantry players, all having a different role. Each role, be it Medic, AT, Machine Gunner or Rifleman, carries different equipment which will determine your play style.

The game is set during the events of Operation Market Garden that took place in Holland on September 1944. The developers have focused on historical accuracy which truly makes the game a mind blowing experience. Each area of the map including farms, villages and city areas have been accurately recreated from archival references that range from street level to aerial images. With firefights occurring at such a large scale, Post Scriptum has a sharp and difficult learning. Players can join the battle as part of three factions: the German Army, the British Airborne Division, or the US Airborne which will be available post release.


The developers of the game had originally been part of a modding group for Squad. When comparing the two games, Post Scriptum and Squad share a lot of features, such as the proximity based VoIP. However, Post Scriptum aims for a much more realistic portrayal by including 1 to 1 scale maps, base building and fortification elements, realistic vehicle values, logistic and supply runs and much more.

Unlock instant access to the beta by pre-purchasing Post Scriptum via Steam. Post Scriptum will be available starting August 9th.

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Realistic World War 2 FPS Post Scriptum Open Beta Released

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