AMD RDNA2 iGPUs Featured On Ryzen 7000 CPUs Overclocked To 3.0GHz Using New BIOS Update

AMD unveiled their Ryzen 7000 lineup in August. Just 2 weeks ago, we saw these products hit the shelves. Interestingly, this time every CPU from this series featuers an iGPU based on the RDNA2 architecture. These GPUs do not boast that much power and merely act as display adaptors. Packed with just 2 CUs (1WGP), expect lackluster performance.

iGPU Overclock

Renowned overclocker from MSI, TOPPC overclocked these iGPUs to 3.0GHz which is an impressive feat. Do note that all Zen4 CPUs feature the same iGPU. These GPUs did not initially support overclocking, however, a new BIOS from MSI reportedly enables this feature. 

RDNA2 iGPU Overclock | TOPPC

The RDNA2 iGPUs ship with a 2.2GHz clock out-of-the-box. An overclock to 3.0GHz grants users with a ~20% performance uplift in synthetic benchmarks.

RDNA2 iGPU Overclock Performance Gains | TOPPC


With Zen4, the iGPU is housed within the IO (Input/Output) die manufactured on a 6nm process node. This is a notable improvement as compared to last-gen, where the IO was fabricated on a larger 7nm node. Read more about the RDNA iGPU here.

PBO Enhanced

PBO Enhanced is a special utility available on MSI’s AM5 motherboards. This tool effectively lets you control temperatures and power consumption without your performance taking a massive hit. The numbers don’t lie;

  1. PBO : Auto | Temperature = 87C | Voltage = 1.266 | Power = 226W | Score = 38656 points
  2. PBO : 85C   | Temperature = 85C | Voltage = 1.254 | Power = 223W | Score = 39070 points
MSI AM5 PBO Enhanced Performance Gains | TOPPC

AVX-512/AVX-2 Enable/Disable

AVX-512 & AVX-2 are integral parts of AMD’s Ryzen 7000 lineup giving them unparalleled performance in emulators. With the new MSI BIOS update, users have the option to disable these instruction sets. 


MSI is increasing the flexibility for its users allowing them to tinker with all sorts of options. As for the iGPUs, we still do not know how much of a performance uplift we can expect in actual gaming tests. 

CPUCores/ThreadsTDPCacheiGPU CusiGPU ClockCPU ClocksMSRP
Ryzen 9 7950X16/32170W80MB (16MB L2 + 64MB L3)2CUs2.2GHz4.5GHz/5.7GHz$699
Ryzen 9 7900X12/14170W76MB (12MB L2 + 64MB L3)2CUs2.2GHz4.7GHz/5.6GHz$549
Ryzen 7 7700X8/16105W40MB (8MB L2 + 32MB L3)2CUs2.2GHz4.5GHz/5.4GHz$399
Ryzen 5 7600X6/12105W38MB (6MB + 32MB L3)2CUs2.2GHz4.7GHz/5.3GHz$299
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