Razer To Shutdown Ouya: The Crowdfunded Mini Console Project On June 25th

Seven years ago, a campaign regarding a mini console powered by Android started on Kickstarter. Ouya began its journey as a crowd-funded project and then Razer bought it because Razer was pursuing its dream of getting into console gaming. After a rather uncertain run of around five years, Razer stated that they are going to discontinue the device.

They stopped updating the system as the hardware was not complaint enough. Now Razer has decided to shut down the system completely. On June 25th, the system will stop working any games that the users own will also stop working. In its run, Ouya introduced many games most prominently Tower Fall. Despite being an only Android-based gaming console that could play Indie games, it never took off. After its initial campaign of $8.5 million people were not impressed by the functionality.

When people finally got their hands on the mini-console, it felt cheap. The controller was not well made. The operating system, too, was not optimized to keep the games running behind. Ouya allowed open-ended development for the games, but only a handful of games came out early on. Most of the games the console had were either available on other android devices or were not intriguing enough for the players. There were only a few titles that kept players interested, other than that the console had nothing to offer.

It was the time Razer bought the project and started developing it for the masses. They wanted to make it an Android TV/gaming hybrid console. But Razer could not enhance it as the hardware was not powerful enough. They had stopped updating the system since 2015. It took four years for them to discontinue the system itself.

On June 25th any accounts made on the system will cease to work. After that, people will stop seeing the Discover section which has all the content housed by the console. Razer says that if game makers allow users to bypass the “Purchase confirmation,” users will be able to run their games offline. They announced that it would be upon developers discretion.

They have also announced that some developers can compensate their players by allowing them to play their games on other devices such as Android-powered smartphones. It should be noted that only Ouya services are ending. Razer’s Forge TV services will not work after 25th June.

Mohsin Naeem
Mohsin is a budding writer who has a thing for PC hardware and gaming. He has been building computers according to the need of his clients and is well versed in the area. He is an economics major and the analytical skills he learned from his academics adds to his writing and gives him a unique way to observe the tech industry.