Razer Phone 2 GeekBench Scores Leaked To Come With 8GBs Of Ram And Snapdragon 845

Might have a higher refresh rate panel

In 2017 Razer surprised everyone by launching a new phone. Back then, gaming phones weren’t really a thing, specially coming from companies who make gaming peripherals.

The original Razer Phone was a great product, it had a good 5.7 inch 2K IPS LCD display, Snapdragon 835 and 8GBs of ram. Specs wise, completely loaded, but again not very different from other flagships at that time. What defined the Razer phone was it’s 120Hz panel, this refresh rate was unheard of, which is true even now. The iPad Pro was the only mainstream device, that did have a 120Hz panel.

Razer Phone 2 GeekBench
Source – GSMArena

Fast forward to September 2018, it’s pretty much common knowledge that the Razer Phone 2 is coming, sometime later this year. But interestingly, the GeekBench scores of the phone were spotted. The specs aren’t surprising, you can see there’s 8GBs of Ram, it will definitely sport the Snapdragon 845 even though it’s not explicitly evident from the leak. It has a Single-Core score of 2026 points and Multi-Core score of 8234 points, which is around the same expected from a Snapdragon 845.

Razer is definitely going to bring back the high refresh rate panel, although the resolution or type isn’t known yet. Many games still cap at 60fps and games like PUBG and Fortnite always remain below that. The real benefit of a higher refresh rate panel is the increased UI fluidity and low touch latency, both of which immensely increase user experience when using their phones. There are also VR applications from the high refresh rate panel.

We did see the Asus ROG phone this year, which had a ton features which could be useful in gaming, including a 90Hz display, charging ports on the side and a big heat spreader among other things. Razer can be expected to implement such features on their smartphone, but we will know after their official announcement, which should be coming soon.

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